7 Smart Ways to Grow More Plants in a Small Space

hanging planters

In this world, nothing is impossible for anyone. By using their creative mind and the available resources well, people can achieve anything they want. And growing more plants in a small home or garden is not an exception to this. With the use of right tools such as plants, pots, and hanging planters and methods, you will be successful in having more & more plants in a small space in or out of your home. Here are some creative gardening ideas for you:


  1. Go for a vertical garden in your living space or dining hall 

Plants need base for their better and complete growth. You will be short of space if you choose to go for a landscape garden in or around your home. Vertical gardening facilitates you to have more space. Whether you are planting plants inside your living room, dining hall, or bedroom or out of your home, you will have more space with vertical gardening. In this, you can select more than one whole wall in your home to grow plants vertically. After planting plants in earthen/ceramic/plastic pots, you can hang these potted plants from the chosen wall directly or with the use of ladders. 


  1. Build your own planting base

In the plantation of houseplants, people usually follow the plantation ideas they come across. You shouldn’t do this, as these ideas might not work for you. For example, you visited your friend’s home a few days ago. You saw there that your friend used almost all spaces such as windows and doors for growing in-houseplants. Avoid following this idea as doing this could create a barrier in easy access to a space in your abode. Instead of doing this, you should follow the plantation ideas that are between your friend’s ideas. You can place a table with more than one base and use it for placing potted plants in your living space, dining hall, or bedroom.


  1. Remove bushes

You should take out bulky bushes and shrubs, especially when you are determined to grow more plants in a smaller space. It is as big bushes usually take a lot space and could be a cause to your home insecurity. Instead of planting bushes and shrubs on outside/inside walls, you should value the plantation of small plants on your boundary walls or living room/dining hall walls. In this plantation, you can use bamboo, fabric, wooden, earthen, ceramic, or plastic pots/planters and hang the same from the wall in your own way.


  1. Use outer space too

You shouldn’t limit yourself to the use of indoor walls and furniture pieces for growing plants inside your home. For having more and more plants, you should be flexible enough while using your home space for gardening. Your apartment or flat would have a balcony and some space at the main entrance. Suppose that you have a balcony with an iron/steel grill. Think of using that space for gardening. And for this, you can create a structure to hold potted plants or use roped planters to hang the potted plants. Similarly, you can use the floor, which has no frequent traffic, for placing the potted plants.  


  1. Create zones 

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor garden, think of it as a floor plan. Flooring the garden area or creating different zones within it can help you to create an illusion of having more plants and space. You can grow a few plants of a particular type in an area and name it accordingly. You can place old furniture pieces or bamboo pieces as a support to help plants grow with their full capacity.


  1. Use stairs to place potted plants

Except for a few occasions, most of you use one-third or one-fourth space of your stairs to come into or go down from your home. You can think of using the rest of your home stairs for planting small plants. In this, you can place a potted plant on each step on the stairs. You can think of leaving a step vacate on the stairs for better access to the same and growth of the laced potted plants. 


  1. Use glass to create illusion 

In the contemporary world, people value making a space look virtually bigger. For this, they mount a wall mirror by keeping the face in the direction of the objects they want to get reflected. If you think that your plantation ideas are not enough to help you show off more plants in a small space, you can think of creating an illusion of the plants you have planted inside or outside of your home.   



Growing more and more plants in a small space is easy in the contemporary world. It depends on how you plan and execute your gardening plan. Your creative ideas and well execution will facilitate you to get what you want.