A Future Where Technology Creates Good Jobs

A Future Where Technology Creates Good Jobs

The recent outcry or paranoia revolves around technology depriving people of their jobs. In recent years, talk on the future of work has become part and parcel of everyday routine as technological innovation has become accessible to almost all. Even without taking a deep, hard look at history, we can analyze that technology has always charged economic development and improved standards of living for the masses.  

Whether we appreciate it or not, the future of work is bound to evolve and preferably for the good. Innovation is more of a job creator than a job demolisher and this must be stressed because all jobs that outplaced the human workforce at work have also recovered in many new areas. So, it’s true that technology has the potential to offer great jobs in the future. Our blog will discuss how a technology-driven future will create good jobs that never existed back then in the domains of IT development, hardware manufacturing, app creation, and IT systems management.  

With rising dependence on digital technology, entrepreneurial activity will see the benefits. Small business owners or self-employed individuals will gain opportunities to earn higher incomes as technology allows them to benefit from it in numerous ways. Digitization will have a lot to offer by offering new digital jobs and roles for the workforce.  


Existing in a technology-driven world with automation and artificial intelligence, the future scenario will have cars that drive themselves, X-ray machines that will read themselves, and automated customer service inquiry solutions. The humans will have much more free time to handle various other jobs that require emotional capability, and intelligence that the machinery will lack.

With technological advancement, the gap between jobs and finding the accurate candidate has become shorter. The future isn’t far away from where jobs and workers can be easily matched through digital talent platforms. These digital talent platforms have the potential to increase the efficiency of landing the perfect job as per your skills by cutting down the time lost in finding jobs. The screening process will become more transparent and productive due to the technology. 

Thus, an average individual cannot even imagine the kind of jobs and income opportunities technology is bound to create in the future. As people become more used to handling large data, a growing need for statisticians and data analysts can be felt. In the near future, we can predict a need for them. Even today, we can observe the advent of numerous apps that never existed before. Huge companies and organizations are now operating these applications with the support of technically-smart individuals. Keeping in view the present times, it doesn’t take a very bright person to only identify what technology could be doing in the near future!

The people in the future will co-exist and substantially depend on technology to carry out their daily tasks. With increasing digitization, we will most probably observe digitization in terms of assets, operations, and the workforce. At an office space, tasks that are manually done today will become much more digitized in the future. The workforce will include digitally skilled workers, innovative new jobs, and roles for the workers. Operations revolving around payments, customer and supply chain interactions, etc., will become much more advanced at a workspace increasing productivity and raising the average GDP. 

Artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces along with numerous other opportunities are set to complement the labor. Human jobs aren’t going anywhere because the emotional intelligence and capabilities of a human being are bound to remain unmatched in the future thus, personal brain trainer, hologram stylist, and virtual couture designer are a few of the many jobs that are likely to appear in future due to technology and are likely to retain themselves due to human empathy. 

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As businesses and organizations make use of huge data, a flux of data scientists will be required in the future. All in all, we can confidently say that technology is revolutionizing the way people interact and reshaping the dynamics of work. With this being said, we can’t just put innovation under the term of job demolisher because, in the future, we can predict that it is most likely to create more jobs. Technology will not just create good jobs with digitally smart workers but also increase the productivity levels at work by reducing costs and improving daily business operations. 

We can already see how technology is evolving workplaces so picturing a tech-driven future shouldn’t be much of a problem for us! Even if artificial intelligence suggests the replacement of work, we should be ready to adapt as digital workers and even if potential future effects can be analyzed of robots then just know that human beings cannot be easily replaced! It’s on us to control the technology not the other way round.