Benefits You Can Get From Best Paying law Enforcement Jobs In Virginia

Benefits You Can Get From Best Paying law Enforcement Jobs In Virginia

From an early age, kids are passionate about certain things and eventually adopt a career when they grow up. Most of the children are influenced by their parents and want to follow the same route. There are many instances where a boy strives to be a pilot or law enforcement officer just like his dad. There are also many girls who want to become a doctor or lawyer just like their mothers.

Most of the jobs that young and aspiring individuals want to pursue falls into the production and service sectors. Apart from the production sector, the service industry is quite huge and includes everything from government services to consumer services.

Law enforcement comes under government services as it is the government’s right to protect the lives and health of the citizens. If you are committed to serve the community and safeguard the rights of people, then you must consider a job in law enforcement.

People living in urban and rural areas trust law enforcement officers to maintain the law, prevent crimes from happening, and apprehend those who violate the law. Most young individuals spend thousands of dollars in private education and look to become economists or business consultants as it guarantees a nice salary and other benefits

There is a common opinion that salaries in the law enforcement sector are not as high as other sectors of the market. However, the careers of law enforcement officers are expanding with the growing need to maintain law and safeguarding the lives of common people. The best paying law enforcement jobs in Virginia includes

  • Private Investigators and Detectives

A law enforcement officer can fall into three categories that are unformed officer, support staff, and investigator/detective. The degree of work and salary varies from one position to the next. However, private investigators and detectives have high monthly income as compared to police officers and support staff.

Private investigators are primarily retained to solve crimes, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and in many instances also help other law enforcement agencies to track down criminals. Private investigators develop a certain skill to gather data, interview witnesses and then analyze the information to get to the root of the problem. Nearly all private investigators and the detective must have licenses to practice their services.

Many investigators and detectives work for the police department, private firms, and interagency task forces. Private investigators excel in forensics, fraud, and homicides. The yearly income of private investigators and detectives range from $60,000 to $90,000 depending on their qualification and experience. When it comes to best paying law enforcement jobs in Virginia then surely it has to be that of a private investigator or detective.

  • Police Officers

The police officers have to perform numerously, but mostly they patrol specific areas and even many times get calls to provide emergency services when somebody violated the law. The duties of police officers include

  • Investing burglaries
  • Directing traffic at the place of an accident
  • Providing help and first aid to the victims on the spot
  • Monitor suspicious activities
  • Apprehend and arrest those who violate the law
  • Gather evidence, interview witnesses
  • Testify in court
  • Following the protocols and guidelines as defined by state and federal law

The police officers may work for local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies. To become a police officer, you have to pass several written, physical, and medical tests. There are also psychological evaluations due to the nature of policing work. Once you pass the test, you have to participate in training programs in police academies.

Police officer positions are regarded as the second-best paying law enforcement jobs in Virginia. The programs involve physical training and classroom instruction. Most individuals who complete associate or bachelor’s degrees and police training have a prospect of earning high salaries. The yearly income of police officers ranges from $40,000 to $65,000.

  • Forensic Analysts

Apart from all the activities associated with law enforcement work, there are many positions that involve careful work and analysis. Forensic analysts are crucial members of the law enforcement department who can collect, analyze, classify, and identify evidence from a scene of an accident or crime.

Forensic analysts work for city, county, state, and federal labs. Forensic analysts work closely with investigators, police officers, medical examiners, toxicology lab technicians. Forensic analysts have a broad knowledge of fingerprinting, ballistics, handwriting, and biochemistry. They are also called to testify in court during a criminal proceeding. Forensic analysts can earn from $35,000 to $60,000 annually.

  • Federal Marshals

One of the important law enforcement officers representing the government is ‘Federal Marshals.’ The main tasks that Federal Marshals perform are

  • Securing federal courts,
  • Ensure the smooth flow of the judicial system
  • Serving arrest warrants
  • Managing witness protection programs
  • Transporting prisoners

To become Federal Marshals, an individual has to get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and pass physical, written, and psychological assessments. The yearly earnings of Federal Marshals range from $35,000 to $50,000.

  • Paralegals

In the criminal justice department, paralegals perform numerous tasks such as preparing tax returns, forming trust funds for clients, and estate planning. A paralegal’s most important duties are research, organizing, and collecting information for court hearings and trials.

Paralegals may also perform other functions such as coordinating other law office staff tasks and maintaining financial records. The annual income of paralegals ranges from $35,000 to $60,000.

  • Support Positions

Just like police officers and investigators, the support staff is also important. The support staff support investigation and perform tasks such as collecting evidence, running tests, sending tests to labs, and updating the status of the case.

The support staff work with large enforcement agencies and crime labs. There are various positions that come under support staff, such as

  • Evidence technician
  • Investigative assistant
  • Criminal analyst
  • Handwriting examiner

The annual income of individuals working as support staff range from $25,000 to $40,000


There are dozens of different options if you have decided to work in law enforcement. There is always room for specialization, and you can improve the yearly income by getting certification. There are law enforcement positions at every level from the city, state, and federal levels, which means plenty of opportunities.