Best Drugstore Primer

Best Drugstore Primer

You do not have to break the bank to invest in a trustworthy primer. A primer should last all day, smoothing imperfections and fine lines for a perfect complexion. With so many different primers on the market, you can have your pick of a matte, smooth, or dewy finish. Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, it has never been easier to find a primer that works for you. Read on to find out our pick of the Best Drugstore Primers that boast quality, quantity, and more for your money’s worth.

Makeup Primers were once positioned merely as a foundation prep step, a way to up the staying power of your base and any other makeup you apply. And indeed, primers are excellent and necessary for that purpose. But it’s time to shatter the misconception that that’s all they can do. The right primer can do so much more, mattifying or brightening, smoothing away the look of lines and wrinkles, and blurring imperfections.

What to Look For In a Primer

Avoid Silicone

If you see silicone on the back of the label, explains Kelli J. Bartlett, NYC-based makeup artist, put it back down. She recommends opting for silica instead—it can help absorb oil naturally and dust without drying skin out.


Primers are typically made to address one chief concern. Therefore, explains Bartlett, you should stick to only your top needs to get the most out of your primer.


Based on the season or temperature, you’ll need a primer for different concerns. You might need a primer for dry skin during the winter months that lets you apply more makeup seamlessly, notes Bartlett. “In summer, you might be looking for a radiant primer that lets your skin shine with SPF,” says Bartlett.

Is It Necessary To Apply Primer?

No, it is not necessary to apply primer every time you use your makeup. You can skip primer if you don’t have an issue in applying foundation and making it stay throughout the day. However, if you have problems with large pores, fine lines, redness, or makeup sliding off, then you should apply a primer.

Is It Necessary To Apply Primer Every Day?

It depends on you. If you are worried about your makeup’s smooth application or longevity, you can apply it whenever you apply makeup.

We hope our picks help you with a better application of your makeup.