Best Electric Shaver for Teens. Is your teenager starting to have hair on his chin? A bit too much? Is it time to suggest a shave? Yes, but what equipment to offer him? Here are some tips for choosing the best razor and using it the best way.

Mechanical or electric razor to start?

The first instinct is often to opt for a disposable razor. Its advantage is that it does not require a significant investment (initially) but requires a specific skill to avoid cuts. It is essential to apply shaving foam or gel before shaving to hydrate and lubricate the skin properly. Above all, avoid going back and forth. Shave with the grain only! A priori to shave down, this gesture should be sufficient at first. Consider investing in a soothing treatment to reduce razor burn.

Does Dad use an electric razor? It is the opportunity to try! Electric models are ideal for beginners. Protected by a grid that separates the blade from the skin, the electric razor prevents cuts and other irritations. If you have dry skin, consider applying a gel or mousse to moisten your skin. The rotary blade razors are particularly suitable for hair. You will see that your investment will quickly pay off!

Learn how to choose a teen razor

Best Electric Shaver for Teens

When you are looking for a razor for teenagers then it comes out that an electric shaver for teenagers is the best thing to select. As we told you earlier, it is pretty tricky to select one shaving instrument over another. Several criteria must take into account. Indeed, the skin quality, the time to shave, and even the preferences are essential to decide. Among the many possibilities available to young people, the most widespread is indeed the manual accessory. Whether disposable or with interchangeable blades, it remains inexpensive to purchase. On the other hand, it is the blade refills that will cost the most. It is undoubtedly the most precise technique to have soft and smooth skin.

It requires experience to master it well and to avoid cuts. Most of these razors also have a lubricating blade to facilitate gliding and to hydrate the epidermis as soon as the edges are passed. In the manual models, it is also possible to opt for single-blade such as cabbage cutters and shavettes. Their effectiveness is recognized worldwide, but to begin with, it is far from being the ideal tool. The risks of cuts are too significant, and that can put off repeating the operation.

Our selection of razors for teens

If you choose a teen razor with several blades, you should also consider the ancillary products to use. Indeed, this type of shaving, said wet, requires the use of a lubricant to slide on the face. For this, we advise you to opt for a gel or shaving soap. Then, it is also essential to think about the irritations that appear afterward. For this, consider acquiring a moisturizing cream or balm whose purpose is to soothe the skin.

If this type of tool scares you, electrics can be a good place to start. They are easier to use, more practical, and more comfortable. They are more expensive to buy, but there is no need to change the blades. However, they irritate the skin more and are much less precise. If you have dry skin, consider applying a gel or mousse to moisten your skin. The rotary blade razors are particularly suitable for hair. You will see that your investment will quickly pay off!

When to start shaving your beard?

There is no specific age because everyone is different. The timing rather depends on the hormones because they are the ones that trigger the appearance of hair growth. The right time is when the hairs get annoying and eventually start to itch.

Shaving: in the morning or the evening?

When you start, it is recommended to shave in the evening. Indeed, shaving requires attention and time. It is better to allow between 15 and 20 minutes. Suddenly, it is better not to hurry (which is often the case in the morning).

The 3 good things to do

Prepare the skin

Whether shaving is manual or electric, preparing the skin is essential to avoid irritation. The best method is to take a hot shower and rinse your face for a long time. The idea is to open the pores of the skin as much as possible. The bristles will also be softer. Do not hesitate to apply shaving gel or cream to lubricate the skin.

Take your time

It is essential to avoid sudden movements, to be gentle and slow in your actions.

Soothe the heart of the shaving

Once the shaving step is complete, applying an alcohol-free aftershave helps soothe the skin. Care based on Aloe Vera is particularly indicated for its soothing and moisturizing properties.

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