Best Ways To Organize Your TBR Shelf

What is TBR list?

In simple terms, TBR is called to-be-read in the world of books. Every book lover has a pile of books, whether it be hard copies or e-books. As for me, I prefer hard copies rather than digital ones. I’d love to get lost inside the book I’m reading like Harry Potter vanishes inside Tom Riddle’s horcrux diary!😄

1. Organizing TBR by goals

Most of us set a goal, to finish reading a number of books per month or per year. This method works best for people who got less number of books in their personal library. Categorize the books by read, reading and to-be-read status and you are all set.

2. Organizing TBR by genre

This method works best for people who’s got a huge pile of books. As for me, it’s my dream to have every novel in the fantasy genre possible. Imagine how Hansel and Gretel felt when they saw a house full of candy? That’s how I’d feel when I’m in a huge book store or library. It’s basically my candyland!😄 (My alternate candyland is all things Art.)

So, if the pile is huge, separate all the unread books to begin with. After, separate them by genre. Pick the most favorite genre and move them to your top racks. For others, ask your inner self, if you’re REALLY going to read them! Why? Because your inner self knows the exact answer. 😄

If you are me, then you’ll never get rid of books. (Yes, I’m a hoarder when it comes to books!) In that case, you can store the left out books that is, the ones that got ‘no’ for an answer away to save space and make your shelf look neat; or can even give them away to those who haven’t read them. 😊

In my case, I dont have a huge pile of books. (Yet!😉) My favorite genre is fantasy and adventure. So while choosing books to purchase, my first preference goes to any book that I have left out in a fantasy series.

Expanding your TBR genre

Sometimes, it’s exciting and interesting to try out something new. For those times, choose a best seller wildly out of your genre and add it to your TBR shelf. In my opinion it’s best to go one or two at a time instead of mixing up your favorite genre and others and ending up making a mess.

Thank you for taking your time and visiting. Regards, Yuvi MK. (The Art Warlock)