Creative Combinations of the Best Window Treatments

window treatments

The home is a special place. It is the place where people make precious memories with their loved ones. When it comes time to think about decorating a home, we generally forget about window treatments. This is a mistake as window treatments can greatly influence the overall beauty of a home.
The best combinations of window treatments can give an interesting twist to the whole interior thereby increasing its aesthetic value. Mixing window dressings does not only mean layering them. Extensive layering is not suitable for places with extreme temperatures and they also make a room look tight and small.

Combining Curtains with Wooden Crowns

Valances hide hooks, curtain rods and headrails to give a clean look to the window dressing. Wood crown valances give windows a graceful, simple and finished look. Using draperies and curtains with these valances gives a royal look. Again, pairing bright velvet drapes or pastel sheer curtains with light colored wood crown valances gives any room a beautiful look. This combination of crown and curtains is the best window treatment for bay windows.

Using Blinds behind Curtains

Huge varieties of shades and blinds are now available in the market – from cellular and roller shades to faux wood and horizontal wooden blinds. Using blinds behind curtains is a good combination. Sheer curtains and venetian blinds in the living room create a royal vibe. For hot and humid climates, pairing white sheer drapes with lemon colored Venetian blinds is the best combination of window treatments as they make a room look open, airy and spacious.

Pairing Drapes with Roller Blinds

Roller blinds and drapes combinations are the best window treatments for rooms that have an earthy interior. Coupling light colored draperies with roller shadings will add color and texture to a room. Pair up quirky designed and offbeat blinds with contrasting drapes.

Combining Sheer Curtains with Sheer Shades

To add a quirky element to the windows, one can combine grey or white sheer curtains with white sheer shades. This will make the window the point of attraction for viewers. This is an ideal combination for bedrooms. One can also play with contrasting hues to make a room bright and colorful.

Finding the best combination of window treatments is an art and the right color choice can create stunning rooms.