Can Chatbot Be Used To Archive Live Discord Audio

Discord Audio

Discord is giving free service that can be accessed from a cell phone, Windows, and  MAC.  It allows groups of people to interact with each other or they can speak personally with each other. This is one of the simplest methods to talk over voice, video, and text. It is majorly used by gamers. The only question some might be carrying is how to record discord audio as Discord is not giving the option to record the conversation. We will discuss this option in our article. 

In some part of the world, this activity is illegal to record the conversation of other people without their permission. It is advisable that we seek permission from the group, before using any of the options mentioned below. 

How To Record Discord Audio Using Craig Chat Bot

For using this option the person should have his own Discord server, this will make your work easy. The chatbot is now available on your server, you can go forward and invite it to your voice chat room and start recording before that you would require to use some text commands. One good thing about it we there is nothing unethical happening here. It would flash a label stating it is recording. Post recording the conversation with the other group or with the person there is an option to record every user audio track separately. So the editing part will become easier if that is required.

If you have decided to use Craig then initially we need to invite the chatbot to the server you are using. Then visit the Craig website and here take your moue pointer to this opinion “Invite Craig To Your Discord Server” link to start. This will redirect you to the Discord server and here authorization page is there. You will need to grant permission to Craig so that it can join the server then only you can start utilizing it. Now choose your server from the option “Add Bot To” list and then double click it to “Authorize”. This would then grant permission to bo to join. If everything goes well then we will get instruction to join Craig in the server which you are using.

You now start using the recording option

Now Craig will start doing his work it would go the channel and instantly start recording. Here the label reflects stating it is recording. The person using this option will get an audio notification stating that “ now recording” kindy give permission.

If we need to end a Craig recording kindly used the following command leave. This will instantly stop the Craig recording. It would exit the channel you have been using. But it would continue recording for the other channels.

If we want Craig to exit or end the recording of all the channels then use the following command stop. This will abruptly stop Craig to exit all recordings. If you are the sole user this command can be used to exit the channel.

Here we can do a recording of up to 6 hours at stretch. We have an option to check the recording, to verify we can download a copy of the audio.

Another Option To Record Discord Audio Is Open Broadcaster Software(OBS)

There is a catch in the above method, suppose you are not moderator or owner of the Discord server then there is an alternative to that also that is called OBS. But it can be used on computers only. The default file format used by OBS is MKW. Every recording has been saved with a specific name given to it with the exact date and time of the recording is also saved. We would need to navigate to the File option to check our recordings. If we want to save the recording in a different format that option is also available. So we can give a try OBS too.


As mentioned above this option is not legal in some parts of the world. So seek permission from the group before using it or it is highly advisable to stay away from using both the above options. Individuals using these options should take ownership of their actions.