How to Make a Date Extra Special?

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Dates can be tricky at times because of the preparation that one has to go through to make the experience perfect. Whether you have an anniversary coming up or you just want to level up your dating game, you still have to put in extra effort to ensure that the date is memorable for both parties. Do you have to spend much on a date to make it special? Can I still create intimate moments without breaking the bank? Should you get some candles? All your questions will be answered below.

How to Make Your Next Date Extra Special?

Setup of the whole house 

If you have an upcoming anniversary with your spouse, you do not have to spend much on food or ambiance to get that elegant feel. Instead of going out for dinner, you can have a personal setup of the whole house to celebrate your relationship. To do this, you can replace your existing lights with dimmers or warmer hues. You can also purchase candles in bulk so that the whole house smells like her favorite scent. You can also cook some dishes by yourselves.

candles in bulk

Have a relaxing spa day

Both men and women would never turn down a spa day. It is a date that allows both of you to just relax, relieve your stress, smell those essential oils, and feel free to dose off during a massage. A spa day also helps to clear the couple’s mind from everyday distractions. With a spa day, you do not need to reserve a table from a high-class restaurant. You only have to schedule beforehand so that your plans will go as smoothly as possible. Aside from a massage, you can also give your partner the whole body treatment- from facials to manicures and pedicures. Your dating will not just be extra special but rejuvenating as well.

Surprise your spouse

You do not necessarily have to celebrate a specific event in order to have a date. Surprises immediately make an ordinary date special. You can go down memory lane and go to the places that you went before you were married. You can also bring your spouse to a restaurant that he has never been to before.

Write a love letter

When was the last time that you wrote a love letter to your spouse? A date is essentially made extra special when you prepare a love letter for her. You do not have to copy a line online or from your previous letters. You only have to write from the heart.

Dance the night away

Another way to make normal dates special is by dancing the night away. This is true especially if you do not usually dance in public. To do this, you can do quick research on the places near you that offer a dance floor to show off your moves. Sometimes, you have to book a seat in these places because popular ones tend to be jam-packed.


Dates should always be well-prepared in order for them to do well. You may have a few exceptions here and there wherein unplanned dates turned out to be good. But these are outliers. Dates should be planned so that the whole experience will be best for both parties. Getting scented candles in bulk is just the tip of the iceberg. You should make every effort to make your everyday extra special. Never forget to say ‘ I love you’ to your wife!