Ephod: Was Not Just A Garment

Ephod Was Not Just A Garment

According to our religious scriptures ephod is a garment that was worn by the priest. For most of us, this word is a very new word, so what is an Ephod, as is a very uncommon word nowadays. This word has a lot of significance in Bible for ceremony and honor. For many of us, it is a clothing item or just a piece of jewelry. We would investigate its religious importance along with checking its significance in the bible.

What Does Scripture Have To Say About Ephod?

The ephod is widely known is that it is a dress that would be worn by the high priest. It is a sacred garment that was worn by Aaron. Other garments that Aaron and his sons would be wearing are a robe, a traditional turban, a woven tunic, a breast piece,  and also a sash. For reference check (Exodus 28:4).

More about how ephod should be made. It is generally made of gold and twisted lined. Cannot miss out on the purple and scarlet yarn all this should be done by a person who loads of experience making similar kind of dresses. It should carry two shoulder pieces so that it can be fastened.

The waistband should be woven by accomplished hands only. Fit two onyx stones on ephod’s shoulder and they should be mounted in gold only. Need to update the names of tribes of Israel on these stones six on each stone also stones should be connected with a gold chain that also two.

Know About Ephod

As the ephod holds immense significance the way in which it was prepared was taken very seriously by the Israelites. It was prepared as per the command of the god. Firstly ephod was to be worn, then breastpiece was to be worn after that a blue cord was used to tie it. In Exodus chapter upon chapter has been written. About how to make it and how to wear it. We can refer (Exodus 39) for more such details. 


We can also refer to Leviticus 8, where Moses has described Aaron and ephod worn by him. As per god wish, Aaron and his son were Gods’ priests. We can find more about ephod in other scriptures than Leviticus and Exodus. Prophet Samuel has also been described as wearing a linen ephod along there is also a notable mention of Kind David dressed in ephod.

Some scripture says “ephod” was not a garment of an item that carried a lot of importance during religious ceremonies, very much like an idol. There is also mention about some stories wherein Israel people throwing gold, which was later on collected and molted and made into an ephod which was worshipped by locals. 

Spiritual Importance Of Ephod

As we all know that God had commanded Moses on the Sinai mount if people obey God’s orders and they remain faithful to him them god will shower his love upon them and they will be his favorite and most loved children. He also ordered Moses that people should not force their way to see him, as many of them will not make. So God gave Moses 10 commandments and some laws.

When Moses did not return after a couple of days people started worshipping other gods. Which made God angry he decided to punish them, but Moses pleaded to God to be merciful and said that he would stay with people as long as God will wish. One such instruction given to Moses was about ephod, so it holds very distinct importance That is why Moses had ordered Aaron to wear ephod as per the direction given by God and things told by god were not followed then death was the consequence of not following orders.


So ephod is just not a piece of cloth but one of the commands given by God himself. So it just not cloth made of gold or a common cloth worn by a priest but duty is given by God himself which needs to be obeyed by the people. If we do not follow what has been ordered, it can lead to death too. This is a promise given by Moses to God so his blessing would always be showering upon Israel’s people.