Recently, people are more and more looking for material for flooring. Shower Enclosure dubai are very modern and individual, which qualitatively stands out from other coating analogs. You can buy a glass floor from the Glass Mirror company, which has been on the market for several years. Our price per square meter is lower than that of our competitors, and we also have promotions and discounts. You can go to our Internet resource and see photos of the work that we have already completed. The glass floor blends perfectly into the interior. We can also make your personal project to order.


Pros and cons of glass floor


  • Interesting design. When creating a glass floor, you can combine materials and come up with an original interior for your home;
  • Reliability and durability. The supporting structure is very stable and the glass can support up to 400 kg per square meter.
  • Variety of applications. Not so long ago, a glass floor was used only in public places, but now every resident of the country can make such a coating for himself;
  • Light music in the floor. A very strong effect when the floor is transparent and light can be placed there so that it plays throughout the room;
  • Resistance to influences. At this point, all the advantages of glass. It is not afraid of moisture, fire, rust and much more.



  • Cost and production. But thanks to the high competition in the market, it is increasingly possible to find an acceptable option at an inexpensive price;
  • Slippery surface. There are special technologies that give the glass a roughness, but it is more dangerous on it than on linoleum or other material;
  • Mechanical damage. Scratches are the main problem with glass. Anything can leave them on your floor.


Advantages of the Glass Mirror Company:

  • We offer our clients discounts up to 20%;
  • The warranty for our products can be up to three years;
  • Professional installation of mechanisms;
  • We have been serving our projects for 15 years;
  • Work with any size;
  • We offer 1300 RAL shades.


Glass canopies and awnings “Glass Mirror”

Shops, offices, factories, and other buildings are not complete without awnings and canopies in front of the front entrance or door. It can be seen that massive iron structures are less common. They were replaced by glass canopies, which are able to give a light and modern appearance to the building.

These designs are reliable and durable. The awnings are made of shatterproof tempered glass cutting shop near me, which is not capable of harming human health.


The Glass Mirror Company offers its customers several fasteners for glass products:

  • Metal frame;
  • Spider;
  • Brackets;

Awnings and canopies from a Russian manufacturer have a service life of forty years. In addition, the company provides a three – year warranty on its products.


The advantages of “Glass Mirror” include:

  • Manufacturing and installation of products in eight days;
  • Possibility to save 20% on purchases;
  • Buy a design that complies with GOST;
  • Get 15 years of service;
  • Free consultation;
  • The ability to see your purchase in 3D;
  • Purchase a durable glass product at a price of 3700 per sq.m.

When ordering awnings or canopies in our online store, you can count on the production of turnkey structures.


Services of the company “Glass Mirror”

Our company appeared on the Russian market twelve years ago. We have carved out our niche in the manufacture of durable glass and metal structures. In order to win the trust of our customers, we manufacture products on high-tech equipment using high-quality raw materials. The official website presents various models of doors, awnings, fences and other products.

We are always ready to cooperate with large clients and private buyers, create exclusive and individual projects, expanding and gaining experience in our business. The cost of the goods of our company is reasonable, because we are manufacturers and do not work with intermediaries. By controlling the entire process from manufacture to sale, we control the cost ourselves.

Everyone loves comfort. To do this, he buys himself a large, comfortable home, which has a lot of space and space for the embodiment of design ideas. It is necessary to create comfort and warmth in it, as well as to stand out among other owners.

In large houses, there are many places where you need a fence: balconies, terraces, stairs. Sometimes it is not easy to choose a fence, since not every material will fit into the overall interior. You also need to rely on different weather conditions. It is essential that the selected material is resistant to rain, snow, cold, and heat. Therefore, homeowners often pay attention to glass enclosures. This is the modern choice. But often people are afraid to buy them, as they are fragile. Due to the fact that we are living in the 21st century, there is no need to worry about this.

Experts have already developed safety glass, which is not only stronger but also safer when it is damaged. Shards do not scatter throughout the room and you can not be afraid for your health and those of your loved ones. But there is the question of where to buy a high-quality inexpensive glass product in Russia, which will be made here and not brought for a double price from abroad.

Glass Mirror knows the answer. Our company has been producing glass products for many years. You can order a structure made of tempered safety glass or triplex glass. We also make sturdy metal structures for fastening glass products. If you do not have your own project or you didn’t like our options on the site, then we can compose it for you from scratch, taking into account your wishes.