Forgiveness, Not Appeasement

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“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

In this blog, “forgiveness and appeasement,” we will talk about narcissism and sociopath’s behavior.

On this topic, many of you have already shared your own stories. The damage people do to others is often beyond one’s imagination. People suffering from narcissist personality disorder always think they are surrounded by some force that adequately creates barriers. The wound they inflict because of their personality or pure malevolence can last long. Most of the time, people won’t forgive and never forget the pain.  They plan revenge or appease just for the sake of peace. Are any of these situations familiar to you? If yes, then buy Forgive Me for My Sins, read on for your own good and for the sake of people close to you and embark on a new journey.

How does one proceed after living with or being raised by a narcissist? There are choices. Some people take the road of least resistance, avoidance, appeasement. We understand it seems to be the safest mode and create a shell around us.

Most of the time, we ignore the wounds, but they can fester, affecting how we perceive every relation. The writer of the book Forgive Me for My Sins shares every detail of how to understand their situation and how to forgive them. But what does this mean?

Forgiveness in Words

The terminology “forgiveness” has been used conversely with the term appeasement. People appease many times just for the spiritual sake but don’t forgive with heart.

Buy forgive me for my sins, and see how the writer depicts and shares his observation. According to the writer Alon Harris, forgiveness should never be likened to appeasement. Forgiveness and appeasement are not synonyms to each other. How we forgive and why or when someone ought to offer forgiveness are the spiritual mind’s foundation.

Forgiveness and appeasement must be very clearly described.

In simple words. ‘forgiveness is letting go the feeling of hatred, resentment, and fear.’

On the other hand, appeasement, often tagged as benevolence, is actually cowardice, a derivative of fear. Buy forgive me for my sins and learn how to distinguish between forgiveness and appeasement with real-life examples.

In a nutshell, ‘Appeasement doesn’t prevent unacceptable behavior; it propagates and encourages it.’ Which, according to logic and understanding, is complete foolishness.

Forgiveness is Not Codependent

Many people spent their lives trying to win every argument and degrade others just for their inner satisfaction; that is a truly awful act. Some of them are confused about what personality they own. Traumatized people can’t help but bristle at words ‘forgiveness.’ Buy Forgive Me for My Sin and identify signs of why traumatized or people suffering from personality disorders do so. You will understand why they find it difficult to recover from it. The book Forgive Me for My Sins helps people realize that forgiving themselves or someone is essential; it provides hope, guidance, and support to people to start a new life.

Alon Harris, the writer of Forgive for My Sins, shares his thought, “when he says the word forgiveness, his heart hears denial, and their mind does not accept all the wrongdoings.”

As you continue to read on Alon Harris’s masterpiece, you will understand forgiving yourself should be your priority.

Nothing matters as much when you forgive yourself in the first place. It is the reality of life people blame themselves when they suffer from difficult situations on their own. Forgive yourself, not appease. Think in a way that when you forgive, you feel lightness in your soul and eventually get peace of mind.

We will conclude this blog by saying that, ‘don’t hate yourself for any situation, difficulties are part of life.’ We may pick up a sword in difficult situations, but we may not fight it by becoming evil. Keep in mind; forgive, forgive, forgive yourself and others. You can understand the whole context clearly after reading the book ‘Forgive Me for My Sin.’  In a nutshell, forgive yourself and embark on a journey of repentance.

The rule of thumb “Deal with the enemy in yourself before you can deal with the situation that is giving you a hard time.”