Green Computing: The World Needs You Now To Conserve The Natural Resources

Green Computing

It is high time that everyone pulls up their socks and gives a helping hand to the mother nature calls for preserving and conserving the natural resources which are depleting day by day. There is something called green computing through which the urban public can give their helping hand in doing their duty towards nature. Currently, there is no other planet on which we human beings can live so it is our duty to save our planet.

Green Computing: Methods To Preserve Our Mother Nature

Though humans have reached the moon and Mars. There is no way currently by which we can reside over. So little contribution from our end will not go to waste but motivate others to similar kind of act. Below are some ways in which we can do that.

Planting Trees

This is one of the easiest ways to help mother nature recover very fast. A lot of awareness should be made among the people as it is good for the environment. It would help in reducing the carbon content which is one of the biggest headaches mankind is facing nowadays. Not only they act like a sponge that removed carbon dioxide but it gives back fresh air with a lot of oxygen.

Trees are the only manufacturing unit that produces oxygen and gives back to nature that also for free. Trees are like a filter that gives fresh and clean air after absorbing some of the pollutants gases. Let us take a case of an old tree that can give oxygen to about 18 people. Global warming is something that has lead to the increase in the temperature of our mother nature. The only reason for this is due to the number of trees brought down every year is increasing but the number of trees planted back is very few compared to the number of trees cut down. Plants can help in bringing down the temperature of the cities.

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They can help in improving the natural air condition if they are placed near the house they can bring down the use of air conditioners, amazing right? Nowadays a large number of people are planting plants in the house, on roofs top, inside an office. This would also help significantly in bringing down the monthly electricity bills. Trees help water to percolate in the land and due to the shady, they provide the water evaporation rate is too slow. Trees provide shelter to the animals if a variety of plant is planted in a particular area then biodiversity of the area increase multifold. One fruit tree can be home to some animal, a source of food for another animal. A lot of insects and birds might benefit from it,  usage of a planted trees is never-ending.

Nowadays a lot of social organizations, corporate companies, and individuals are showing interest and they have realized their duty towards nature. This is a good sign but the amount of work needed to be done is a behemoth.

Switching To Natural Recourse For Energy

Solar energy, Wind turbine energy, and Geothermal are some alternative which can indirectly be very helpful in nature conservation. Currently most popular is solar.

Solar Energy

Solar energy resource is available free if everyone decides to use sunlight to produce solar energy. Think of the benefits that would happen to mother nature. Developed as well as developing nations both are working rigorously trying to utilize this resource and working on the technology that would be cost-effective for the manufacturer and the end-user too. Photovoltaic solar panels are such a development, also their future is very good as the world is shifting from fossil fuel to electric cars so the demand would surge in the upcoming days. 


It is in our hands to make the correct choice that would define the future of our children. We need to take wise calls now only as time is passing very fast already so much damage has been done by mankind that is irreversible. But instead of doing nothing and waiting for others to do something, it is in our had to take action and do our small contribution towards mother nature. The corona pandemic has shown how short life can be. So get up and start contributing.