How to Check that a USA Company is Legitimate?

USA company information

Businesses work with other companies on a daily basis to carry out various transactions. When partnering or associating with them, there is always a fear of whether or not the firm is legitimate, stable, functional and most importantly, creditworthy. Nowadays, everything is online, and firms are collaborating globally in big nations, such as the US and the UK, that you cannot physically check upon them. But fear can not be the reason you stay back on making fruitful sales conversations or partnerships. That is the reason why we have got you a solution to help you check the legitimacy of any USA company.


To protect your enterprise from fraudulent deals with other companies, check the legitimacy of other businesses before signing an agreement or contract with the help of D&B Hoovers, which is a database offered by Dun & Bradstreet. A comprehensive data cloud provides insightful information on any USA company. You can get data on company size, contact information, credit history, and so on. Not just that, the tool also enables B2B sales and marketing professionals to expedite the sales cycle, enhance sales and spur the growth of any business globally. It is a complete win-win situation. You can check the legitimacy in all aspects, be it financial or ownership or licenses, and find everything about a company.

What Should you Check When Onboarding a New Business Peer?

You need to check some basic things when onboarding a new entity into your business.

  1. It is essential to verify whether the company is registered with the government or not. You can check the registration details on the official government website.
  2. Identify and make sure that the company’s official business address and phone number are valid. You can go through government-run websites, such as Better Business Bureau for USA company information, to check the details.
  3. Ask for the company’s credit reports to determine its financial performance, credit standing, and the past legal judgments brought against the company, if any.
  4. Use Google. We live in a digital era, and if the company is legitimate, it will definitely show up on the search engine. Here, you can find more information, including website links, online contact info, reviews, etc. Visit the website to know more about the company.
  5. Social media platforms are also one way to check any company’s status unless it is a very local business. The engagement and content on the platform can also be an indication of whether the company is legitimate or not.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the simplest ways to check the legitimacy of a USA company. If you take the time to ensure whether a firm is licensed and legal, then in the future, it would save you from a lot of troubles. You must check for the above listed five things to avoid getting trapped by any unauthorised or fake company. Make use of D&B Hoovers to find all such information in one place. Check out their official website to ask for a demo.