How To Decorate And Maximize a Small Living Room

The living room is where we spend time with the family or lounge about in our free time. That is why it is no secret that we want to beautify this area as much as possible.

A cramped living room is not very ideal for hanging out nor relaxation. Fortunately, this area can look larger than it is. It’s not magic; it’s just outsmarting the limited space through strategic decorating.

Today, we will give you tips on how you can maximize your small living room to create a comfortable and charming space.

1. Forgo the Sofa

It may seem like the living room is not complete without a sofa. However, bulky furniture may not be practical in a small space situation as it eats up too much space.

Instead of a big piece, you can switch to club chairs or a loveseat. Club chairs and a sofa usually go together. But if you don’t have room for both, then you can give up the couch and go for two club chairs instead.

A lovely way to set out the two chairs is to angle them towards the fireplace. And voila, a cozy hang-out space!

Another tiny living room idea is to swap the sofa with a comfy loveseat or “snuggler.” Beautiful sofa upholstery fabrics will look equally stylish on smaller furniture.

 2. Use Wall Lighting

The floor space is crucial in styling a compact area. You can free up some floor space through lights that you can install on the wall. Swing-arm lamps are popular nowadays, and they are very ideal for small rooms.

Aside from wall sconces, you can also pick lights that hang from above to save floor space.

 3. Take Advantage of the Vertical Space

Even when you fall short of surface space, you can still make the room look airy. You are lucky if your living room has high ceilings, for you can use this space to install floating shelves.  Shelves will give you space for extra décor or storage.

You can highlight the vertical space through long curtains or wallpapers. For best results, you would want to hang the curtains above your window. Doing this will add height to the tiny living room.

On the flip side, if you have a low ceiling that tightens the space further, then you would want to elongate it. You can raise the ceiling through vertical stripes patterns on the wall or the curtains.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers fabulous and high-quality curtains, roman blinds, and sofa upholstery fabrics.

 4. Create Illusion Using Mirrors

You might have read this a lot, but we’ll still say it because it works: mirrors can make your space look larger. If you have a small room, you can place a large mirror on the wall to double your space. Mirrors reflect light and instantly creates the illusion of a wider area.

 5. Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

In order to maximize the limited space, you would want to pick multi-functional pieces for your living room. For example, you can opt for a coffee table, chair, or sofa with storage space underneath. Getting rid of clutter will make the room appear airy and bright. So, you will hugely benefit from a dual-purpose piece.

Make sure that your furniture looks its best. Pick out hardwearing sofa upholstery fabrics that are nothing short of gorgeous.

 6. Use Low Seats

Creating more visual space is key to decorating a small living room. To achieve this, you would have to play with proportions. For instance, you can use low seats instead of the typical full-sized couch. That way, there is an illusion of higher ceilings, thus more space.

Velvet, chenille, and leather are among the most desired sofa upholstery fabrics.

 7. Customize Seating

Some houses happen to have oddly-shaped areas. If you would be working with one, your best bet might be to invest in custom furniture. That way, you can maximize the space in your living room area.

For instance, a curved couch will work well with your room’s weird angle. If that’s the case, you would also need made-to-measure sofa upholstery fabrics that will suit and glamorize your piece.