How To Learn About Fritz Repeater 1200 WiFi Device?

Fritz Repeater 1200

If you use WiFi networks in your home and office, then some WiFi will give slow speed and some will make a dead zone in your home and office. The solution to avoid such a problem is to use a Fritz repeater 1200 wifi device. Fritz repeater supports mesh wifi, which means you can watch HD video, audio and photos without any error or buffering sitting in the corner of your home and office. This device gives high speed and amazing signal coverage in long-distance areas. The Fritz repeater 1200 has a Gigabit LAN port, with its integrated network enabled devices that do not have a WiFi network function at home. With Mesh Technology you can enjoy streaming, surfing and gaming. Its speed is so high, it removes the dead zone in your home.

The FRITZ! Repeater 1200 easily extends the wifi network range in the whole home. It directly plugs the wall outlet and provides stable, strong and powerful wifi connectivity of all devices, which is connected. This repeater is dual-band, it means Fritz 1200 supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. The Fritz repeater also supports WPA2 encryption. It is easy to use and the setup is quickly done.

Some points to get wifi connectivity from Fritz Repeater 1200

Fritz repeater provides stable wifi connectivity in the whole home or office without any buffering. It eliminates the dead zone in long-distance coverage. With this repeater many devices can be connected at once, and this will give stable connectivity to all. But there are some points to get this WiFi which is as below.

1. Login to the fritz repeater 1200

If you want wifi connectivity with Fritz repeater then you have to login, it is simple to login. For this, you need to know the default username and password, if you do not know this information, then you can login like this. Firstly open any web browser like chrome, safari, mozilla firefox and internet explorer, type http //fritz.repeater/login in the URL bar of the browser, press enter. After that, the login page will appear on the screen. The login page will have 2 fields of username and password. In those fields, you have to fill the default username and password, and then click on the login. After that, the login process of Fritz repeater 1200 is complete. You can easily set up the repeater.

2. Setup the Fritz Repeater 1200

If you want wifi connectivity through the Fritz repeater, so you can set up the repeater. The setup process of the Fritz repeater is effortless, every user easily setup the repeater through the WPS button. Firstly, plug the repeater into the power circuit but the repeater is placed near the wifi router. Power on the router and repeater, wait sometime until the power LED will light up. Press the WPS button of the repeater for 10-15 seconds and within 2 minutes , press and hold the WPS button of the wifi router. The power LED is steady green, it means the setup of the fritz repeater is successfully complete. If the power LED indicates orange light or blinking orange, it means wireless connection of the repeater is not established. You will try again, if the repeater is not set up again, you can reset the Fritz repeater 1200.

3. Factory reset

If the repeater is not working properly or does not give the stable wifi connectivity, it shows some error, so you can reset the fritz repeater. The fritz repeater 1200 reset is easy and quickly. With the reset button, you can easily factory reset the fritz repeater. Initially, plug the repeater into the electrical wall outlet. Then locate the reset button of the repeater, reset button is front side of the fritz repeater. Press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds, after that, release the button. You can use the paper clip to hold the button. The reset process will start, after sometime the reset process is complete. You again setup the Fritz repeater, and easily get the wifi connectivity of Fritz Repeater 1200.

Final words

The Fritz repeater 1200 is an extremely powerful wifi network device, it includes many features like parental control, dual-band and Mu-MIMO technology. It is easily compatible with more than 20 devices like wireless camera, wifi router, computer, laptop, wireless printer and more. It removes or eliminates the dead zone from your house and provides stable wifi network connectivity and solution. From which watch 4k videos without any buffering. So that fritz repeater 1200 is an excellent and great product.