How To Play Warcraft- For New Player’s


It is easy to forget that, although Warcraft is a well-established game, it gains more than 2,500 new subscribers every day worldwide. So about 75,000 young people a month walk to Azeroth. It’s a refreshing idea, especially if you’re doing one of the most competitive MMORPGs.

Another point here is, how easy it can be to forget how confusing a game can be to a new player like it is challenging to choose the best kobold fighter in kobold fight club. Walking around where you started, you probably don’t even know why some characters have an exclamation mark on their head.

I remember thinking it was because maybe it should be avoided (Doh!) Don’t worry we were all there once. It’s a shame that so many new players are left hanging this way. The first few hours of the game should be about testing and whether the WoW feature isn’t right? Make a little balance, get a few improvements in your gear, or accumulate enough WoW Gold to get your first vegetables in the auction. Instead they spend the night wandering around, asking other players what to do, and giving up and moving on.

Now I’m not saying that Blizzard needs any help in getting more subscribers to the game, but if you have paid for it, and want to play it, then the information you need to get the right level of entertainment in this game should be there from the beginning. My opinion for you to choose the best name for your gaming profile from different sources like kobold names.

Those of you who are older than a certain age

Those of you who are older than a certain age – perhaps working, may have heard the phrase “RTFM” Represent, erm, not putting a very good point in it “Familiarize yourself with the Text”. But that is not the point. Have you ever seen a manual distributed with Warcraft? It never lights up. I find it strange that such a big game has to be delivered with such a small booklet in the first place. OK there is a keyboard layout and tab description at the bottom of the screen, but what else?

So before you kill Kobolds, Mana Worms or whatever, you might want to check out something more detailed. Or maybe you just have something open with you that does the job of telling you what is happening at some point. Like “What happens when I die?” “What is the demand, how do I get it and what do I do to get it done?”

Here are some quick tips for new players:

First, look around. Read the keys. Look at those exclamation marks on a small map or on the screen, they are providers, go and click on them, and the original game just does all the quest you are given. Basically “go there and get that” or “kill 10 of these” or simply “go talk to XXXX” (When XXXX is another search provider, or coach of your particular class)

You’ll get experience points for these requirements, and get that good warm light of the level before you know it. Right clicking on the crowd (beast / enemy / enemy) will start fighting your basic weapon. However, all classes have a better form of sin even at the first level. It is usually tied to “2” on your keyboard, but can be changed. Be it a heavy twist, a magic bar, or an automatic throw (arrow, knife etc.), this best attack is usually limited to using anger or manna, or requires you to build combo points rogues etc. simply press a special key – that would be much easier.

Defeat the enemies

Defeat the enemies, make demands. Right click on any dead crowds to plunder. Sell ​​gray objects (they are not useful to other players, but you will get a little copper from the first-time seller). Remember to look after your health (and / or mana) You will have food and drink in your bag. Clicking on this (apple, bread, water etc) when war breaks out will restore life and manna much faster than waiting for it to be rebuilt. So make sure you always have food and drink. The sellers who buy your goods usually sell them.

Look at other players. Most of them will seem to know exactly what they are doing. That’s because most of them have other high-level characters and they’re rating a new class. Following them (without annoying or asking too many questions) is a good idea, they will usually follow the fastest route, kill the crowds well, and get out of first place and be level 6 or 7 within an hour – or less. Very good game.


Paul Rone-Clarke is a playwright and playwright. I have a particular interest in how the online game economy works. What is the point? Get under the “skin” of these games and understand them in relation to the real human experience. Then hopefully, try the real gold / credit / ISK strategy for making a game.