How To Surprise Your Family With House Design?


When you are bundling or redesigning your whole house, you want it to be a family affair. But why not do it on your own and present it to your family as a surprise. Imagine how happy your family will be when they see you have designed a house according to their desire.

It will also be an exciting adventure that you can have your kids help out too. When children accompany their parents during these kinds of DIY projects, they will have 2 different feelings. On one hand, they understand that they can be important and on the other hand, they will find out that they should be responsible and try for what they want to have.


Share Your Plans

If you know that your kids can keep a secret like this, include them in most of the process. Show them the blueprints and walk them through the whole idea. Kids love being involved and keeping secrets from their parents. Obviously, they won’t be able to understand all of it, but try to listen to their ideas and don’t shut them down. Who knows, maybe they will have a great idea that will be useful. But make sure that you are showing them the finalized plans as you don’t want them to get disappointed if you switch up their room.


Make a Time Capsule

If you are building your dream home from scratch, the best thing that you can do to surprise your whole family is to create a time capsule that you will build into the home. But instead of just pouring concrete over it, place it in a space that you can mark with something or somewhere where you will be able to see it even when the construction is done. Once the bullying process is done, the chances are that they have already forgotten about it and they will be surprised when they see it again.


Add Unexpected Fun Elements

Most kids will dream about having secret passages throughout the house as well as some hidden doors, crawl spaces, and so on. So why not let them have it. It is one of the best ways you can get rid of having dead space in your home. Let them have a clubhouse underneath the stairs. Just make sure that both parents can fit through the secret spaces in case of an emergency. So, if you are buying a house or building make sure that you are checking with your real estate buyer’s agent if things like that are possible.


Hang Up Family Artwork

As we all know, one of the best ways you can decorate your home is with the artwork. So why not make it a surprise and hang up artwork that your family has made. Even if they don’t think it’s their best work, you will be letting them know that you appreciate their talent. You can even create a big art piece together and have it be a focal point of one room. It will not only surprise them but it will also warm their hearts.


Have Fun With The Furniture

If you are looking to add an element of surprise when you are designing a house, why not have some fun with the furniture. Even though it is a subtle surprise, choose something that will make a soft contrast against all the harsh lines you already have. It will also add some uniqueness to your home.


Choose An Inviting Color Palette

Rather than going with something plain and simple like everybody else, why not choose a color palette that is inviting as well as surprising to your family. Choose colors such as blue, grey, or something bold like green. But before you go all out, make sure that you are choosing a palette that will work well and make things cohesive as well as something that will promote good feelings.


Bring The Outdoors In

If your family is a plant lover, why not show them how much you love them by incorporating the outdoors into your design. You can add a little herb garden in the kitchen, add plants that love moisture in the bathroom, and use a large plant as a focal point in your living room. It will not only take your family as a surprise, but it will also make your air cleaner.

Add A Hanging Chair

There is nothing that your kids will love than walking in a room and seeing a fun hanging chair. It is the best thing to add to a study corner or a reading nook. Even though it might not be the most practical thing in the world, it is definitely something that will surprise your family and they will love it.


Being creative when you are designing a house knows no boundaries. As long as you are drawing inspiration from things that you all like and thinking outside the box you will not only surprise your family but will also surprise yourself.