Is Your iPhone Glitching? When to Replace it

Is your iPhone Glitching? When to Replace it

iPhone has always been on the top of the list when it comes to buying luxurious smartphones. Apple launches any of its new mobile phones this whole site is crowded with people looking for the details of the newly launched mobile phone.  As Apple makes it the top of the list of the most popular smartphones, yeah but we must not forget it is certainly just an electronic device that can come up with technical issues. There have been many common problems faced by iPhone users. Which has been constantly happening to many people. These problems are no major glitches but if not paid attention to can lead to major problems later. Below we have combined some of the glitches that iPhone users face:

  1. Overheating

Overheating is caused by many aspects. As we have hundreds of applications on our iPhone which might be consuming a large part of the battery. It is always advised that you try uninstalling some applications, your phone is excessively getting heated. The phone case can also be one of the causes as the phone is not able to breathe because of the phone case. Try giving your iPhone a little break away from this phone case which might help it to cool down.

  1. Water damage

There is often a misconception that the iPhone is a waterproof smartphone which really isn’t. Your iPhone is just water-resistant which means it can take a certain amount of water but not literally drown in it. While you get some liquid in your iPhone by mystically drop it in. Some you must always keep in mind that you are never trying to restart it once it gets switched off. As the liquid that is entered into your mobile phone needs to drive completely. Then only can the iPhone function properly and efficiently causing no damage to the internal area or parts.

  1.  iPhone Charging port issues

iPhone users have been reporting a lot of problems with the charging port. There are various reasons this could be happening. The charging port area could be filled with dirt or moisture and that is why the charging cable is not able to connect with the iPhone or else there might be some problem with the charging cable itself and you might need to replace it.

Always try to charge your phone with another cable and check it before you go to replace the whole mobile or you can sell your old iPhone. The problem can also be with the iPhone’s firmware though all these problems can be easily solved. By restarting the phone if it is not any major issue.

  1. Connectivity issues

Most iPhone users also report a problem with connectivity issues when it comes to the Wi-Fi connection. Or even sometimes the data that is cellular network connection settings. The settings can be reset from the settings menu on your mobile. And then try to connect to the network again which may work for your iPhone. You can also check up your router by and plugging it and switching it off and then restarting it. Try to connect your mobile again with the router once you restart it. You can also try putting your iPhone on the Airplane Mode trying switching it off. And then putting it on general mode or switching it on which may certainly help to get your network connection back or make it better.

  1.  iPhone Screen damage

Screen damage has two sides it first is that the physical screen damage as the iPhone screen is very sensitive and delicate. Which has only one solution of you putting tempered glass on the screen to protect it. The second problem is there have been a lot of complaints about the screen being unresponsive which should be easily solved while you restart it.

  1.  iPhone Battery issues

Battery issues are a common problem not with only iPhone but any other smartphones irrespective of the brand. As the usage of the smartphone has doubled today the battery of course starts raining quickly than it used to in the old generation mobile phones. Though, if they can care properly the battery can function very well even on today’s smartphones. To avoid any damage the battery must not be overcharged. Also, there are multiple apps running at a time in your iPhone which could certainly affect the battery. Even if the apps are open in tabs and not in use. It is always better to log of these apps or at least exit the steps so that the battery consumption by these applications is less.


As the above-mentioned problems can be solved by oneself but if it doesn’t get resolved it is always advised that you contact a professional technician who could help you to fix your iPhone or you need to go to your nearest mobile repair store and avoid any huge damage later on.