Johnathan Bond – A Musician Turned Gospel Singer Wins Grammy and Dove Awards

Gospel music is one of the best instruments known in America to spread Christianity. it is growing at an incredible rate in and outside the country. This culture came to the American continent way back in the 1800s. Initially, Christians belonging to African-American churches of the Southern United States popularized it. They came up with the idea of infusing God’s message into various music styles. They did this by singing gospel, meaning good news, at the local churches during the late 19th century.

The early adaptation of gospel music involved singing in the church with hand-clapping and foot-stomping. Church choir, a group of volunteer singers, is the heart of gospel music. They are the ones who take God’s message and turn it into music. It improves the chances of spreading Christianity.


The traditional music of gospel changed in America in the late 1930s. Gospel blues became the new style, and it infused the study of blues and jazz with traditional gospel music. From that time till now, many gospel singers spread god’s message of peace, love, and harmony through their voices. Johnathan D. Bond is also one of the leading gospel singers, who started his professional music career as a singer but later moved onto gospel singing and is currently one of the best gospel singers in the US.

Johnathan D. Bond, born on 11 October 1967, is an American songwriter, vocalist, book author and best known for his astounding music career. From elementary school to high school, Johnathan spent his early life in Georgia. In 1973, he graduated from Springplace Elementary School, Dalton, Georgia. Later, from 1979 to 1982, he went to Chatsworth, Georgia, and continued his education at Murray Junior High School, and finally, in 1986, he graduated from the Gordon Central High School, Calhoun, Georgia. In that same year, Johnathan married the love of his life, Marry Jane Raper, and the couple was blessed with one son, Jesse Nathan Markle Bond, born in 1988. He has three granddaughters, namely Mackenzie Jade Bond, Myla Danielle Bond, and Journey Brooklyn Bond.


In 1993, Johnathan kick-started his music career when he formed his first band with his own copyrights along with his cousins. Murray McClure and Twanna Wallace, both his cousins, like him, had a flair for music. The three of them called their band “The McClure Trio”. This was the start of Johnathan’s music career, and it was due to this band he reached new heights of success in the music industry.

Two years later, down this road, Johnathan formed another band, but this time he partnered with his wife, Marry. Their band, “Young Harmony Band”, was popular for spreading the words of the gospel.

Three years later, since the inception of his music career, in September 1996, Johnathan signed a management agreement with Rick Hendrix. Furthermore, just after a year in January, he again signed another agreement with Morning Star Records.

In 2005, when American citizens elected George W. Bush as 43rd President of the United States, it was Johnathan and his band who performed at the inauguration ceremony.


Throughout his music career, Johnathan embraced many milestones and achieved a great deal of success in his career. Young Harmony was the pinnacle of Johnathan’s success. Through this band, he shared fourteen Dove Awards with his wife during the time period starting from 2005 to 2007.

Furthermore, the band’s Testimony CD also received an award for Grammy and Dove Awards, and later in the same year, Johnathan and Young Harmony were inducted into the North America Country Music Hall of Fame. His band is also one of the very few bands in the US to ever receive gold disc for two of their records.

Other than earning numerous awards based on his music and vocalist career, Johnathan also earned quite a bit of name and nominations for himself as well. His first nomination was way back in 2001 when we knew his band as the Trio of the Year in the Billboard Magazine. A couple of years down the line, Johnathan received nominations in three books.

In 2017, Jonathan’s and Arthur Strout’s song “Be The Difference” was the Song of the Year. In that same year, Johnathan also received a nomination as Soloist of the Year. He also earned other titles, including Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Male Vocalist of the Year. When we talk about receiving recognition by getting nominations, Johnathan is probably the only gospel-spreading singer who knows how to steal the show and make a name of yourself.

To him, it was all about spreading the gospel and sending God’s message to the people. Johnathan reached many a million souls through his voice and music. His awards and nominations reflect how outstanding he led his career as a professional vocalist, songwriter, and musician. At this pace, it will not be long that he reaches new milestones and embark on even a greater success. Soon we could see him do all that with his bold splendor and invigorating personality.