Monitor Display Setting Guide: For Playing Games

Monitor Display Settin

Boy o boy do we have a treat for all the gaming freaks. Ever wondered why the game graphics on your friend’s monitor look so cool, whereas the same game never looks as good on your monitor with same specs, as it did on your friend’s monitor. It is all in the setting of your monitor, which makes the difference. So, if you guys want to know the display settings for gaming monitors, then you have come to the right place. We are going to tell you some of the important setting to keep in mind, while playing games on your big screen monitors.


The first thing you need to keep in mind is the resolution of settings of your monitor. The resolution of the screen makes a lot of difference in the visuals you are getting, while gaming. But the resolution should be according to the screen size of your monitor. For example, if you are running 1920×1080 pixels on a 27 inches display it would look good, but if you are running the same resolution on a 32 inches monitor, then the result will not be that good. The more pixels per inch there are the smoother visuals will be. If you run a 1080p display on a 32 inch or bigger monitors, then the visuals would be blurry as they would be stretched. The native resolution is the maximum resolution a monitor can display. You can tweak the resolution of the monitor from native resolution, to enjoy the gaming visuals to the fullest.

Colour Settings

Most of the games don’t require special colour changes or settings, but it is always good to adjust the colours and contrast settings of your monitors. For example, playing Resident Evil requires more deep contrast ratio, so you can easily enjoy the dark areas of the haunted mansion. It is also recommended to adjust your brightness as well. If you are gaming in a room which is well-lit, then you might want to lower the brightness, so that the contrast ratio can be deeper and smooth.

Sync Technology

Now a days most of the latest gaming monitors are equipped with the sync technologies, like G-Sync and Free-Sync. This technology keeps your monitors and your GPU in contact with each other. It means the frames getting pumped by your gaming console or GPU are met the right way, by the monitor. It keeps you away from the horror of input lag or screen tearing. You guys must have seen at times, that the half or some portion of the display gets out of sync, with the rest of display just for a mini second. It is because the frame was not completely processed by the monitor, while a new frame already got pumped by the GPU. If your monitor has the G-Sync technology, then playing games on it will feel like a cool breeze. Make sure to enable the G-Sync feature from the settings of your monitor.

Enable HDR

HDR is the setting, which lets you enjoy the HD picture quality and wide colour gamut, for your gaming and streaming. If you are using a latest operating system of Windows 10, then this option will be available in the settings. Turn HDR on and you can enjoy the HD visuals, for your gaming pleasures, absolutely smooth as silk.

Motion Blur Reduction

As the name suggests, this setting reduces the motion blur you get in your gaming visuals, if you move too quickly. It can be quite frustrating sometimes, especially when you are playing the fast-paced competitive shooter or E-sport games. Reduce the motion blur and enjoy the smooth graphics, no matter how fast-paced your game is.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light filter lowers the intensity of blue light of your display, which never puts too much stress and strain on your eyes. If you want to game for long hours or late night, then it is recommended that you lower the blue light and enjoy your gaming session, without damaging your eye-sight.

Game On!!

These were some of the important settings for monitors, that you guys should keep in mind before playing games, on your precious monitors. You can adjust the settings according to your gaming style and preferences. We hope this setting guide proved to be beneficial for you. So, make sure to visit, and buy really cool gaming monitors on great deals.