Movies Saved The World During The Covid 19 Pandemics


Like any sci-fi movie which we have grown watching, the year 2020 was not less than the movie itself. Like in movies we had run away after seeing another human being like a zombie movie. Body scattered over roads. People fearing to touch the dead body of the person. The government was appealing to people to stay inside the house and maintain distance from people. This was not less than a horror movie story, it seems we were watching movies like the conjuring and we had goosebumps all over the body thinking about the consequences.

 The only thing which kept people glued to their TV, laptop, or mobile phones was the movies. Not only they kept people occupied for a while but people had become addicted to watching movies and no one was stopping them from doing so which was an added advantage. Work which the government wanted to do for ages to keep people inside their house and peek outside was finally achieved. 

Recommendation To Watch The Following Movies During The Pandemic

Every person has a different choice and they may wary person to person. Below are some popular movies which we would recommend people to watch them.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The main character of the film is played by Will Smith who is facing a lot of challenges while raising his son due to his financial condition. He is not having a stable source of income due to which his family life is in trouble. His wife leaves him because of this. This is a real story of Chris Gardner with some twists given in the script to make it more appealing to the masses.

He is a salesman selling some medical equipment but is not able to meet his needs. Due to which he becomes homeless. There is a scene in that movie where he is telling a story to his son in a public washroom. Where he takes shelter for that night. He keeps his son busy by telling a story that makes his son feel sleepy and the spend rest of their night there only. He does not allow other people to enter that washroom.

This is a very heartbreaking scene and brings tears to your eyes. The struggle faced by some parents to bring up their kids cannot be expressed in words. Actually what parents do for their kids can never be paid and their love cannot be compared with anything. Every scene or every frame in this movie is memorable. Lucky he gets a chance in a brokerage firm. He has to appear for an interview wherein he walks without a shirt. The interview asks him would he hire a guy who walks in an interview without wearing a shirt.

The answer given by him is historical, he said he would hire him as that person must be wearing good pair of pants. This helps him to pocket the job. He works there as an intern for 6 months. He keeps his son in a daycare center while he is working here. His skills, his over personality help him to win the heart of the brokerage firm boss. They think he is a trustworthy and loyal person which finally he gets him a job in that office.

In the ending scene, he tells his son to see the dream and hold on to it. Do not let it get overpowered by the other people and the situation. Also, we can see the original Chris Garndern on whom the story is based is seen passing by the film character which is such a heartening scene to watch out for.

There are a lot of notable mention movies which we should watch during the pandemic time Fast and Furious series, The Lord of the ring series, Jurassic Park series, Titanic, Avatar, Inception, The Dark Night, Interstellar, and many more.


Such a large variety is available in movies comedy, action, horror, drama, sci-fi, magic, and thriller the list goes on. Movies give us hope during these dark times which we are facing since last year. Some sense of joy and happiness is required during these troubled times. Just by watching movies, they get a bouquet of emotions which is very dearly needed. All the ages group can enjoy them. So what are you waiting for pick up you’re remote and start watching your favorite movie now?