Stop Payment: Out Of The Box Customer Service Experience By Employees

stop payment

Last year due to covid 19 it had become very difficult to do the normal day-to-day transactions with the bank. In one such incident, an elderly patient had called to enquire about what is a stop payment and he looked quite worried. The elderly patient had made mistake in the cheque and was worried about the cheque getting bounce. Not only did the bank person calmed down that person but also stopped payment of the cheque after verifying details.

The next day that customer visited the bank and personally thanked the person who helped him. I was watching all this while sitting in the bank. That customer had was very happy with the language and the temperament shown by the bank employee. He did write a big thank you mail to the employee’s branch manager.

Customer Service At Its Best: Two Such Incidents Which Would Ensure Are Faith In Humanity.

 I being a trainer was also pleased to see such an incident and would share a similar kind of experience here.

  1. Banker with heart

This guy who works in a government bank has been an outstanding example. How service is provided to the customer and also at the same time being so humble and down to earth. Though this guy has risen to a high rank in the bank from the clerk level, he has not let success go in his mind. One of his bank customers passed away he had taken a home loan from the bank.

His wife was pregnant at that time, she had was totally worried about her and her child’s future. Her in-laws were also not supporting her and had thrown her out of the house. As the loan account had defaulted the bank employees had to intervene and ask about the loan repayment. This bank manager not only ensured that the female got the house as she was the only nominee of the house. Her entire home loan was cleared as there was insurance against the property entire loan was cleared by the insurance company.

As this government official knew the family history and the troubles going in that house. He proactively did all the process and then approached the customer and handed over keys to that lady. For that lady, that person was not less than an angel. The tear in her eyes said all the story. To see such an honest and humble government official nowadays is a rare thing.

  1. Uber Driver Who Has Golden Heart  

An elderly lady along with her pregnant daughter was going to visit the doctor. They had booked a uber car when the car arrived as soon the driver saw the customer. He stepped out of his car and courteously helped them to settle down in the car. He also ensured that the car was driven slowly and avoided potholes on the road very meticulously. The next day while cleaning his car he a gold chain he not only informed his company but also informed the police station about it.

That gold chain belonged to the same old lady who had sat in the car along with her pregnant daughter. That lady was very much pleased to get back her gold chain. He dropped them at the destination and went away. She tried to given cash to that person in return but the person refused, it was his duty to return the customer goods which they had left in his cab.


I could have easily written a big novel noting down such an incident, which I plan to do in some time in the future. These kinds of incidents restore our faith in humanity. Nowadays we see a lot of humdrum going around customer centricity but nowadays that is not clearly visible along many of the companies. A small gesture to smile or greeting is also missing which sometimes feeling pathetic.

Nowadays many employees behave very rudely with customers and their response are very robotic which is very annoying at times. Customer is the king and he always writes are phrases just used in books or motivational speeches. Is clearly absent in our day-to-day life. Hence we should make note of all the good acts which are done by the people not only appreciate them but share it with others too.