The Best Mother’s Day Images and Quotes for Mother’s Day

The year has had its fair share of challenges, the worldwide coronavirus being one of them. This has not rendered us hopeless since we are still holding on and going on strong. With the family supporting in these hard times, mothers have been at the forefront in ensuring that everyone is safe. As you plan to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, remember the efforts and the sacrifices that your mother has made since you were born until now. There are thousands of ways to appreciate your mother, whether you are financially able or not. The best thing about our beloved mothers is that they appreciate everything that we do for them, no matter how simple or little it may seem. 

This year’s Mother’s Day celebrations will be a bit different due to the restrictions set by authorities around the world to help combat the deadly COVID-19 virus. If you can make it to visit your mother and celebrate Mother’s Day with her, then you should know that a simple and relevant Mother’s Day image or a quote will work wonders in wishing your mother a happy mothers day images. Below, we have made it easier for you by compiling beautiful and relevant Mother’s Day images and quotes. Continue reading to get inspiration. We are pretty sure that you will find one or two unique Mother’s Day Images and quotes tit sent to your mother this Sunday. 

Happy Mother’s Day Images 

  • Lovely Flower Images 

Flowers always make great floral gifts to send to a loved one. However, sometimes you lack the cash or the means to send or give to your mother. This is so; it should not dampen your spirits. There is another way to share lovely flowers with your mother. You can do this by sending her Mother’s Day images of flowers or floral gifts. Since almost everything is now done virtually, you can send your mother images of meaningful flowers. Cosmea Gardens offers customers numerous flower images and photos to choose from. 

Any flower image that you would like to send your mother is available including, roses, tulips, mums, carnations, orchids, peonies, and many more. The images can be personalized or customized according to the customer’s requirements. The beauty of sending flower images to your mother on Mother’s Day is that they are full of symbolism, and any mother will appreciate the gesture. When sending happy Mother’s Day images, always consider the color of the image. The most appropriate color for your Mother’s Day image is pink. However, you can try other colors as well, but try to avoid red roses, as these images convey passionate and romantic love. White, purple, pink, and even yellow will serve the purpose when sending happy Mother’s Day images. 

  • Funny Happy Mother’s Day Images 

Even though mothers are always seriously doing everything to ensure that everyone in the family is catered to, they also love to have fun. You will brighten your mother’s day when you send her happy Mother’s Day images with funny pictures or themes. If your mother had a great sense of humor, sending her funny Mothers Day images will fill her heart with joy. Making her happy on this day should be your utmost priority. Even though you can be with her at the moment, the funny images that you send her will create a wide smile on her face. Memes are common these days; therefore, sending her one of your own memes or borrowed ones will surely brighten her day. 

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes 

With Mother’s Day first approaching, sending her a sweet famous or your own quote is a great way to express your love for her during this wonderful day for mothers all over the world. If you can’t create your own happy Mother’s Day quote, here are a few examples to draw your inspiration from. 

“You taught me to do my best in life, and now that I am reaping the good fruits of my labor, I want you to know that I owe everything to you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“What has always been my source of inspiration is your love and care. I will follow in your footsteps and raise my kids the same way. Love you, mom.”

“As we celebrate all mothers this day, I want you to know that you come second to none of the mothers in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“I write this message thinking of the sleepless nights I gave you when I was young. Thank you for all the care and love you’ve shown me.”

“May the Almighty God guide you and give you good health in your old age, mom. I love you so much.”


Mothers are always there for us no matter what we go through. They correct us when we go wrong, they comfort us when we feel broken, they strengthen us when we are weak, and they pray for us every night that we succeed in life. If this describes your mother, then you have every reason in this world to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, regardless of what we are going through right now.