The internet and how it works

What is the internet?

Have you ever wondered what the internet is all about? well, let me break it down for you. The internet is a global system where millions of computer are connected together through a network, all for the purpose of sharing information. When we speak of sharing information.

This information being shared can be of any form, either text, images, videos, gifs, live streams, audio or even webpages. All these information are shared over the internet through a set of rule called the internet protocol (IP). I’m sure you must have heard alot of these words from time to time but the main question is how are these information being sent. 

How the internet works.

Now it’s usually difficult to explain the entire process of the internet, but I can break it down into something everyone understands. I’m sure alot of you have used the mobile app called xender to share files. Now how does that app on your phone actually share these files to the second phone.

If you can recall, anytime you start the xender app, one of the devices presses the send button, while the other presses the recieve. Any phone that presses send becomes a minor server. This device uses the Mobile’s hotspot to create a minor network which allows for the sharing of informations.

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This process is actually what happens when you try to connect to the internet for browsing. There are lots of super computers out there called servers or hosts whose purpose is usually to store informations. These informations are been shared and updated by webmasters from all over the world. They update their articles and deliver them to your mobile browsers or client in a html format which the browser now translate and displays for you on your screen. Webmasters who control these information on the internet are mostly web developers who use programming languages like html, css, JavaScript, php, python and other web development languages. If you have a basic knowledge on these languages and you’re looking to improve your skills you can check out Charming desk website

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I hope you’re clear with the basic of networking  little of the internet let’s move to the types of connection networks we have.

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Types of networks

The local area network:

This type of network is a very small network which exists within a small region like a room. An example of this network is the xender sharing network which is connected via mobile hotspot.

The metropolitan area network:

This network covers a larger area than the local area network. It can span up to a city or an entire community.

The wide area network: 

This network can span across cities and countries. It is a very large network which is what the internet uses in sharing information accross world’s.

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