Things to Know Before Buying A GamePad!

Those who want and time to devote to comparisons between the various products, can follow the notes in the comparative table that we have drawn up, as well as the ranking with the review of the most valid devices. In summary, the strengths and weaknesses of every single product on the market emerge with strength, with a conclusion that comes to make the point about what has been seen above.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Gamepad

So, without further ado, here are the some points the every gamer should look at while choosing the gamepad.

1. Models and comfort

For those who love fighting games, the classic gamepad may not be suitable for the purpose. In this case it is better to focus on dedicated sticks, specifically designed to allow the player to perform the desired moves quickly and accurately.

For all the others, on the other hand, choosing among the best gamepads of 2021 should be less complicated and burdensome. A good grip is essential for those who usually play for a long time, so as to avoid that the hand becomes excessively tired during the game. The greater the comfort, the more the gamepad will be an extension of the player’s hand.

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2. Keys and buttons

A point on which gamers often insist are the response times and the feeling transmitted once the game buttons are pressed. Many appreciate the Rumble function, which is the vibration transmitted in the case of firing shots or playing a driving simulator.

The possibility of a free configuration through the game options is an essential aspect, as well as the right distance of the keys with respect to the directional cross or the movement sticks. The back buttons cannot miss the appeal, in fact they improve feedback and are an integral part of the gaming experience.

3. Compatibility

How to choose a good gamepad? The question of greater or lesser compatibility with different gaming systems could tip the scales to one side. Being able to use a pad for both PC and console gaming is often the norm among longtime gamers, who thus take advantage of the build quality of the product for a cross-platform game.

4. Connections

Wired or wireless? This is the difficult choice that many gamers face when purchasing a gamepad. Some models solve the mystery by using a set of rechargeable batteries and a double profile, able to contemplate on one side the Wi-Fi connection and on the other the possibility of a cable when the charge begins to run out. In this way the gaming experience can continue without problems allowing to the satisfaction of the player.

Tips to use GamePad

The world of video games often brings with it the awareness of a precise and practical management of devices. From this point of view, having and knowing how to make the most of the gamepad available has a strong impact on the experience and quality of a game. In these lines we have decided to insert suggestions and guidelines that look to a conscious use.

1. Check the connections

The first step to take looks at the quality of the cables or wireless receivers available to the user. It is good to check that the cable does not wind up excessively, forming any knots that in the long run can create false connections or even internal breaks and the impossibility of controlling what happens on the screen.

2. Read the instructions carefully

In medium / high-end products there is usually an instruction booklet with all the necessary notes for connecting and activating the gamepad. We suggest you read them carefully, so as to have full awareness and knowledge of what the control system has to offer.

3. Turn off the gamepad

Once the game session is over, we suggest you check that the controller is turned off. In this way, battery consumption is reduced and the next time you do not find yourself having to connect the pad to the game console, partially limiting the freedom of movement for those who love to play away from the screen.

4. Get to know the tool

With a good accessory you can customize buttons, adapting every single game to the type of challenge required. Check that the keys do not jam and familiarize yourself with the shape and grip of the gamepad. By doing so you will be able to “feel” the good response of the keys, the analog levers and the directional cross, for a game in which the gamepad becomes an extension of the player’s hand.

5. Do not soil the object

Accuracy and a good response to different solicitations are aspects that no player likes to discount. In this regard, it is advisable to keep any drinks and food separate from the gamepad. Over time, there is a risk that small residues end up in the interstices or around the buttons, with an unpleasant sensation for those who hold the device.

Get the gamepad out of the way

Once the match is over, we suggest you store the pad in a quiet place, perhaps using the interruption to recharge it if it also works via wi-fi. Do not leave it too long in the dust, better protect it inside a box, even away from direct light exposure.