Tips to Maintain Your Islamic Prayer Rugs

A prayer mat or prayer rug is simply a rectangular piece of cloth, sometimes a square pile cloth,used frequently by Muslims and some other Christians during prayer. This is a very effective prayer accessory as it helps to keep the body positioned in a position that is comfortable and easy to access. It is also easy to wash and is usually durable. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. The most important prayer accessories that one must have before going to prayer are:

Prayer rugs and praying mats come in many designs, styles, and materials. They can be made out of silk, wool, cotton, jute, Arab beads, sequins, and even brocade. These prayer mats can be used for performing all forms of Muslim prayers, be it Dhabihah, Salat, Fasting, Maghrib, Zakat, Asr Prayer, Namaz, Prayer at the Door, standing or sitting (Dahu ‘l-Dah), sitting or lying (Isha’ rah). Entreaty rugs and prayer mats are also used for personal worship.

Prayer rugs and prayer mats are available

 Rugs and prayer mats are available in both internet and retail stores at affordable prices. These rugs and mats can be personalized using one’s own preferred designs or photographs. These prayer mats are also available in different types like short, long and round ones.

Fabric: prayer mats are available in fabric which is highly offensive to the Hindu. These fabrics include printed and embroidered fabric. Designs and patterns of these carpets are very much conservative and not revealing. In the past, Muslim women used to use burning type pants instead of these prayer mats. This was considered to be inappropriate for Muslim women as it is highly offensive to the Hindu religion.

Shape: The shape of the prayer mat should have a shape that follows the contours of the body and face of the praying person. For example, a square mat would be ideal for the women wearing head scarves and long gowns. This will not bother their modesty. A rectangular or square mat can be used for men as it follows the shape of the abdomen.

Colors: The color of prayer rugs and prayer mats should be conservative and must not draw attention to any body parts. It is advised that the prayer rugs and mats are plain in color and design. Any kind of decoration on the prayer rugs or mats must be minimal. Any form of artwork including pictures, sculptures, flowers etc can be used for decorative purposes only.

Fabric of prayer mat

Fabric: There are several synthetic and natural fabrics available in the market for Muslim prayer rugs. These prayer mats can be washed as per normal rug and the fibers will remain intact. Those prayer mats made from natural fabric like jute, sisal, ramie and cotton can be dry-cleaned and machine-washed.

Durability: prayer rugs and prayer carpets are made from natural fibers that make them durable. However they may not withstand heavy pressure and may get damaged easily. Prayer rugs and carpets that are made from the synthetic fiber are less durable and cannot stand the pressure. You can consider buying cheap prayer rugs at affordable rates to save your money. You should always choose quality prayer rugs and prayer carpets according to your choice, needs and preferences to get the best value for your money.

Muslim prayer mat is relatively easy to maintain.

Maintenance: prayer mat Muslim is relatively easy to maintain. You may use your prayer mat daily or for special occasions like marriage and funerals. Daily washing with mild detergent is enough to keep your prayer mat clean. If your prayer mat gets dirty due to daily usage, you can use warm water and a soft cloth to clean it. You can also dry-clean your prayer mat using your dryer or in a washing machine.

Cleaning: If you wish to preserve the beauty of your prayer mat you can wash it regularly using a shampoo or a carpet cleaner. A soft brush can help you to remove stains on your rug. You can likewise use conditioners and spot removal liquids for cleaning your carpets. Thou can use a hairdryer to dry your rug. You should ensure cleanliness at home to maintain the beauty and durability of your prayer mat.

These are some of the ways to take care of your Islamic prayer rugs. You should ensure that you have a clean salat. Washing your Muslim prayer mat on a regular basis will keep it in a good condition. You may clean your rug at times too. It will be best to consult an expert or a specialist before going in for any cleaning process. In Islam, it is considered a must that you clean your mat on a regular basis to keep it hygienic and beautiful.