Hanger Racks: What Are Different Types Of Hanger Rack Materials?

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Various hanging racks material is there worldwide, whose primary purpose is to select the hanging item of cloth by total design overview and fabric which is difficult when the fabric is on shelves. Hanger rack manufacturers are supplying tons of hanger racks to various regions in different sizes, shapes, and materials suitable for trousers, shirts, and ladies’ clothing displays in other hypermarkets and stores for customer selection.

But have you ever questioned which type is right for your closet? Every hanger has specific construction, material, and design depending upon the use it. You have to choose the suitable one for yourself. Let’s look at some of the clothing racks with their pros and cons, making your work much easier to keep your clothes look fresh and new no matter how long they stay in the closet.

Types of clothing racks material

1.      Wooden

Hanger rack manufacturers consider wooden racks as the most durable types of hanging material in hanger racks. They are stylish, appealing and gives a unique look to your wardrobe. The benefits of wooden hangers are beyond aesthetic because of the immense range of unique looks.

The buyers prefer these hangers as they do not sag with a heavyweight. They remain in the same shape, and they also last a long time, unlike thin wires and plastic hangers that sag or change shape because of heavyweight.

However, some properties of the wooden hangers, such as cedarwood, may even have pest repellent properties. But they are best to retain shape and make your closet look appealing and aesthetic. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of these hangers, which will make it easier for you to choose whether they are suitable for you or not.


  • Wooden hangers do not sag.
  • It lasts a long time.
  • Prevent clothes from being stretched and balance them properly.


  • They are more expensive, unlike other hangers

2.      Plastic

Plastic clothing hangers are the most common types of hangers. They are affordable and cheap, unlike other hangers. Also, these hangers come in various sizes and a large variety of colors. Even if they are customized according to your closet like for children, there are cartoon shape hangers, and they are designs for classic looks.

Tubular hanger is a  type of plastic hanger, mostly preferred In retail stores that used thick plastic hangers with wire hooks on the top. There is a denser plastic hanger which people consider more durable than the tubular hanger. However, the other ones are not appealing, unlike the tubular hanger.

Moreover, you can see different plastic hanger designs with smooth styles and notched designs. Notched designs help keep thin straps and dresses in place, and flat designs are ideal for shirts and also, tank tops hang in the closet. However, these plastic hangers change their shape when heavy clothes are hanged, which is a drawback of these plastic hangers.


  • Inexpensive and easy to find
  • Notched or flat designs ensemble multiple types of clothing
  • Various sizes and colors present in the market.


  • Tubular plastic hanger molds into different shapes or lose their shpe when heavy clothes are hanging on them.
  • Thicker plastic hanger is not attractive and appealing.

3.      Velvet

Velvet hangers are delicate hangers that need to be gently handled without damaging the item. People must be sure that the clothes are dry before hanging them on velvet hangers because they can get easily dirty.

Velvet hangers are very few in variety as compare or other hangers. Some of the hangers come with clips for hanging pants and skirts and some with notches to hang elegant and delicate thin-strap tops and dresses. However, there are various colors and versatility which help us to customize our closet look. These hangers are ideal for hanging silk and other slippery items.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • It keeps slippery fabrics from sliding off
  • It won’t damage delicate clothing


  • They will transfer color if you hang wet clothes on them.

4.      Metal

Metal clothes hangers have an immerse range. These are custom-designed, usually helpful in making art pieces. They are different metals like iron and copper used in them. Hanger rack manufacturer believes they won’t stretch out clothes and won’t wrap or comfort heavy clothing items.

There are a large variety of hangers, so they are perfect for your closet. Here are some pros and cons of these hangers.


  • Artistic appeal
  • Resist warping


  • Much heavier than other types of hangers
  • They might be expensive

5.      Bamboo

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly hanger and is highly durable. These hangers may look like wooden hanger but are solid and long-lasting like wooden, but they are more lightweight and highly affordable than other hangers. These highly light hangers are appealing to people who want easy hanging hangers.

Moreover, for eco-conscious buyers, they are ideal choices and a great option. They also may add to natural décor and neutral tone, unlike plastic and velvet that add colorful appeal to the buyers. But they are highly durable.


  • Environmentally friendly and renewable
  • Lightweight


  • More exclusive than plastic or wire hangers
  • Bamboo is biodegradable, so ultimately, it will degrade

6.      Wire

Wire hangers are very common in dry cleaning shops. They are cheap and readily available at a store at the lowest price. Some dry cleaners send the clothes to their customers on these clothes as they maintain the clothes’ iron and make them look fresh. Other than dry cleaners, hotels usually use them in-room closets.

These wire hangers are very helpful at home and do not take lots of space, but they likely to change their shape over time if you keep hanging heavy clothes on them. Other than hanging closest, you can use these wire hanger for making kid’s projects and use them in other different artworks.

Moreover, they are ultralight and super flexible and are ideal for quick hanging and transportation of clothes.


  • They are highly affordable and cheap.
  • They are easy to locate, and you can even replace them very quickly.
  • They are used for other purposes as well as hanging clothes.


  • They cannot hold wide tops and thin straps cloths.
  • They lose their shapes why clothes are hanging on them.