What are the Tips to Get Rid of the Clothes Moth?

Pest Control in Delhi

Summary: Are you looking for the services of Pest Control in Delhi for the moth control in your wardrobe? There are different kinds of categories in the houses regarding the pests like cockroaches, ants, and moths. Sometimes, when we put our clothes in the wooden wardrobe for a long time then it catches moth and they further lay eggs on your dresses that are so disturbing and disastrous.

So, let us see what moth does to your clothes?

What do the moths eat in your clothes?

The moths are known for eating animal-based natural fibers whose main component is keratin protein. Besides, wool, silk, feathers, and leather are also some materials that are loved by these moths.  They usually attack expensive clothes made up of expensive synthetic fibers and lay their eggs on them.

Where can you find moths in your wardrobe?

You need to check out the winter clothes and blankets where you can find the infestation of moth. So, in case of a normal level of problem, you can put some neem balls in between the clothes so that the natural fibers.

How to prevent cloth moth infestation?

No matter whether you hire a pest controller or the services of Cockroaches and Ant Control in Delhi, you will have to follow some below points:

  • You need to clean all the dresses including the winter’s coats, blankets made up of natural fibers carefully timely.
  • Ensure that the clothes that are disinfected must be placed in a different direction.
  • You can also dry-clean the dresses if you want.
  • You need to also pay keen attention to the sleeves of the shirts, under the color and seams tucked away.
  • You need to opt for storing expensive clothes in cold vaults.
  • You can also use the moth flakes, balls, or crystals that contain paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene.

What are some natural methods to avoid moths in your dresses?

The following are the tips to avoid moth in your wardrobe:

  • Spraying cedar oil with dilute water will help you to diffuse the smell of the pests in your house and wardrobe.
  • Using a mixture of dried, powder and crushed herbs will help you to have a better clothing wardrobe.
  • You need to do dusting of the house on a daily basis and vacuum your carpets and the floors. This will help you to get rid of the pests.

To sum Up

Of course, there are different kinds of insecticides and pesticides available in the market that are effective to be used. All you need to search is over the internet or you can hire the services providers for pest control also in your city. If you feel quite weird in it then you need to remind yourself of the professional pest control company. They will help you and ponder over each and every corner of the house. So, all the best for the hiring of pest controllers in your city! Stay safe and stay healthy…