What is an Online Marketplace and Why You May Need One


You absolutely know of numerous popular marketplaces. I don’t mean just the one made for Facebook, yet in addition eBay or Allegro in Poland. Building a commercial center platform implies a completely extraordinary way to deal with internet business than when running a normal online store. It permits you not exclusively to sell your own products, yet in addition to profit from helping out different brands. It is safe to say that you are contemplating whether this is the right answer for your organization?

What is an online marketplace?

A marketplace is where numerous sellers present their offers. This is the principle distinction between this sort of an online platform and a normal online store run by a solitary organization. This implies that the customer can pick products from the offers of numerous entrepreneurs. The transactions closed through the platform are processed by its operator, notwithstanding, when the request is set and paid for, the data about the deal is diverted to the specific seller who distributed the offer. They issue the bill and are responsible for sending the item to the customer. The solitary obligation of the operator is to give the space to setting an offer and to process the request. 

Enormous online stores increasingly more frequently make their space accessible to different makers and sellers to give a more convenient shopping experience for every one of their customers. According to the purchaser’s perspective, the ability to add products from various vendors to the truck on a similar website, affirm the transaction and make one payment for the whole request is absolutely more convenient than making purchases on a few platforms and making numerous transfers or entering a payment card number.

What are the advantages of a marketplace?

As a rule, utilizing a marketplace platform may end up being a preferred solution over building a conventional online store. What are the advantages of the previous?

Flexibility and a multitude of choice options

The fundamental benefit of a marketplace is that you can track down countless various products from numerous suppliers. This ensures admittance to great products at competitive prices, the accessibility of merchandise and a short sitting tight an ideal opportunity for conveyance. When constructing a marketplace, you don’t need to make an immense platform like Amazon or Allegro. You make a multi-branch store or restrict the gathering of sellers with whom you’ll team up to the individuals who represent a specific industry.

Earning money by creating a space for other sellers

A marketplace is a decent alternative for business visionaries who need to begin a web based business however don’t plan to put resources into creating their own products. This doesn’t mean, notwithstanding, that individuals offering their own products shouldn’t consider creating a marketplace platform. By offering to different sellers a space to work together, you can benefit from selling your products, yet additionally from giving a multifunctional infrastructure that permits running business. A marketplace gives its administrator the opportunity to set rates and deals commissions for the vendors who list their merchandise on their site. You can set a particular sum or percentage, and change your rates whenever. 

How would you discover potential partners who’ll need to co-make your marketplace with you? You’ll undoubtedly have no major problems with this, as – because of the low operating costs and low passage limit for sellers – these sorts of platforms are extremely mainstream with the sellers who don’t have the assets to put resources into their own website.

Sale of complementary products

Tracking down the right partners can positively affect your sales. Include the sellers whose offer supplements yours. Strategically pitching is a popular technique on marketplaces – when somebody purchases an item from a merchant on your platform, for example an office desk, they’ll likewise get a recommendation to purchase a desk seat (which is remembered for your offer). This way one transaction produces another. The sellers have an increased shot at selling their products, and the client can purchase everything in one spot.

Marketplace platforms – examples

A decent marketplace ought to have functionalities that will make the platform engaging not exclusively to customers, yet additionally to the suppliers of products who choose to sell there. Discover what internet business functionalities can make the two customers and business partners consider you to be as a practical and convenient sales platform. Beneath you’ll discover a few instances of the most famous marketplaces in Poland and in the world.


Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the United States – it has upwards of 200 million clients with the Amazon Prime subscription. This platform is utilized by medium and enormous companies that need to arrive at millions of clients and have a critical budget. This is chiefly because of the significant expenses that a business needs to cause to sell through Amazon. Commissions are incredibly high, so it’s not profitable for little manufacturers to list their products on this marketplace. 

Amazon’s distinctive feature is the standardization of the distributed offers. The organization requires compliance with specific guidelines for describing the products (it’s important to distribute an image of the product, incorporate admonitions and the lawfully required information related to the product, give a connection to the vender’s website and privacy policy, and so on) Giving the necessary information permits you to achieve a high number of online visits and, thusly, improve the probability of selling the product. Amazon offers the sellers utilizing the marketplace support by deciphering the content of the closeout into different dialects.

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