Which Oppo Phone is best for PUBG?

A yes! Who does not know or play PUB G these days. It is a great first person shooter game, which lets you interact with your mates and pals. Just make your squad and fire away. As it is done mostly on the handheld devices and mobile phones these days, so what better phone to play it on than a good Oppo phone. We are going to review an Oppo phone, which is best for playing PUB G, with your friends or even alone. So, let us just get to it. 

Oppo phones for PUBG

Find X2 Pro 5G 

Find X2 Pro 5G is certainly one of the best Oppo smartphones. It provides all the specs and features you need, to run your favourite highend games on this phones easily. The key specs are great, battery time is good, and the display is just marvellous. 

Find X2 Pro 5G Specs 

Why is this one of the best Oppo phones for PUBG, you ask? Well, we’ll tell you why. It is powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon 865 and has an Octa Core processor. The GPU you get in this phone is mighty Adreno 650. These specs alone are enough to run PUB-G, with the highest graphics settings. PUB-G, or for that matter of fact any of your high-end games, will run smoothly on it without even a single pesky lag.  


What is the most important thing for your mobile phone after the key specs? Of course, it is the battery. Longer the battery is the longer your fun will go. This Oppo mobile gives you a powerful 4260mAh battery, which never dies on you and lasts almost the whole day, with just a single charge. Thanks to the Fast Charging feature, you can charge your phone 100 percent in just 40 mins. The battery never lets the fun die while you are in the middle of your PUBG gaming session. This long battery life makes Find X2 Pro a good fit for you guys to game on. 


The Wi-Fi 802.11 lets you connect to the internet with the blink of an eye. It connects fast and never interrupts, even when the signals are weak or spotty. No lag due to the poor connection would ruin your gameplay now. Plus, with the best 5G support your phone can surf the internet in a lightningfast speed. The great processor of this phone lets you achieve the best internet connectivity, you could ever ask for.  


Find X2 Pro has been equipped with the best OLED 6.7 inches display, which is just mesmerising. The colours are so sharp you can cut your finger with it. Not literally though! The picture quality is breath-taking. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz which seems to be great for your gaming sessions. The smooth graphics in your games are as realistic as they can get. 

Game On!! 

After reviewing all of the great features and specs of this phone, it is safe to say that Oppo find X3 Pro is undoubtedly among the best Oppo smartphones, for all your gaming requirements. If you love to game on your phone and also like cool and slim smartphones, then this phone is highly recommended for you. Don’t waste any more time and got to oppostore.co.uk and get yourself this phone, or choose from a wide collection of Oppo mobiles in UK.