200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

There is no legal hindrance if you want to teach yoga to other people if you feel confident about it. But to get the confidence of your students, it is important that you have some sort of certification or you must have an association with any of the regulatory bodies such as the US Yoga Alliance, UK Yoga Alliance, or International Yoga Council. Your association with these yoga alliances would encourage your students to join your classes and consider you a teacher.

To get the certification in yoga teaching there are different requirements by different yoga regulatory bodies. But most of them require a 200-hour yoga teacher training course completion certificate to accept your affiliation. That is why a 200-hour yoga teacher training is very important. It is an entry-level requirement to become a certified yoga teacher. You can teach yoga to students without this certificate but you won’t be able to attract many students as students prefer teachers with a certificate. So, if you do not have a certificate of 200 hours of yoga teacher training, you should get one.

This would increase the chances of your yoga business being successful. This would also help you get affiliated with any of the yoga alliances that require this course. The major purpose of this course is not to provide you with a certificate. But it is to teach you how to practice yoga yourself, and how to teach it to others. Self-practicing yoga is different from teaching yoga. This is because during self-practice you only focus on yourself. While in Yoga teaching, you have to focus on your students’ movements so that you can help them to do yoga properly. This difference in purpose is reflected throughout your yoga training. Below are some of the features of yoga teacher training.

  1. Comprehensive Yoga Curriculum:

The 200 Hour yoga teacher training course has a comprehensive yoga curriculum that focuses on both theory and practice of yoga. In these courses, you learn about the basics of the theory of yoga, how it originated and how it is practiced. You will also learn about the spiritual part of the yoga practices as well. At the completion of this course, you will have better authority on the subject of yoga than you ever had before. This comprehensive course also includes yoga business initiation and management process as well. So, when you start your yoga business, you are able to get more students and be a successful yoga teacher.

  1. Online and Offline Courses:

The 200 Hour yoga teacher training course is available in both online and offline form. You can do it according to your comfort. For example, if you do not want to leave your house and still want to learn all about yoga and want to complete this course. You can do this by joining the online classes. While if you are comfortable going outside and want to learn yoga in an outdoor environment. You can also do that; you can join courses that are offline and learn from your gurus directly without any barrier.

  1. Certification:

At the end of your 200-hour yoga teacher training, if you have completed it successfully, you will be able to get certified. A certification that will be accepted worldwide by both international regulatory bodies of yoga and from the students as well. This would significantly increase your chances of success as a yoga teacher in destinations such as Europe and North America. Where students look for teachers with a certification.

Why join a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

There are several reasons to do this, and one of them is that you will get certified. There is no legal obligation for this but still, you will be able to display to your students that you are a qualified teacher who has completed extensive yoga courses.

This increased trust would mean more students and more students mean more success as a teacher. Also, you will be able to get affiliated with international and also local yoga associations that would allow you to teach yoga to other people.


Based on the discussion above, one can say that a 200-hour yoga teacher training course is compulsory for you to become a successful teacher. That is why a lot of yoga students opt for this course. It is an entry-level course that requires work of only 200-hours. During this time, you learn all the basics to advanced features of yoga and how it can benefit the human body and soul. You will be able to teach your students in a better way about yoga practices and their theories. You will also have the chance to explore the spiritual awakening process as well.