6 Effortless Ways to Improve Your Body Massage

Did you know that certain rules must be observed during a body massage? In case you did not know, these are some fairly simple tips that you can

Did you know that certain rules must be observed during a body massage? In case you did not know, these are some fairly simple tips that you can follow to perform a much better massage. Knowledge is, in fact, power.


Do no harm


Avoid sensitive areas such as armpits, groin, spine (direct contact), throat, etc. These are some of the main parts where you shouldn’t apply a lot of pressure. If necessary, just apply light pressure. Massage in Al Satwa


Use your whole body


You can also use your legs and hips to massage and not just your hands. If you only utilize your shoulders and arms, you will rapidly become exhausted. You can also bend overusing your body weight instead of exerting force using only your hands and fingers.


Focus on your partner and nothing else


Some people think that giving a massage is simply applying pressure in different directions. However, this is not entirely true. Sometimes they even watch television or walk through their own world of thoughts in their heads. Instead, you need to focus and dedicate your mind to massage. Your partner knows when you are doing this or not. They can say it.


Get out of your mind


You can do this simply by concentrating on the massage technique. See how your partner feels with each massage movement you make. By doing this, you also don’t have to think about the performance of your massage and worry about its effectiveness. Just watch and do it. Be in the moment.


Be creative


Sometimes you may want to perform a surprising movement like pressing on your stomach while pressing on your head at the same time. Although it may sound strange, you should give it a try as long as you know the difference between danger and safety. The general rule of thumb is this: as long as you care about your partner, the massage will be fine.

Did you know that certain rules must be observed during a body massage? In case you did not know, these are some fairly simple tips that you can

Direct love in your fingers


Although it sounds abstract, you should give it a try. You will notice that professional masseurs can do this. When they text you, you can feel their love and care, especially when their fingers come into contact with your body. It may take a while if you are new to massage. Be patient and it will come.

Body Massage: 4 Pressure Tools

There are many different sorts of massage instruments on the market. They are sometimes called massage devices. It doesn’t matter what your terms are. Let’s take a look at one of those types of equipment called pressure tools.


They have the ability to exert pressure, as their name implies. Its key advantage is that it stimulates acupressure and trigger points all over the body. Use them to put pressure on hard knots and sore spots. You will also find that the materials are usually made of stone and wood, which makes it very hard so you don’t have to put too much pressure on your body.


The following is a list of various devices, along with brief descriptions. At least you know a little more about them before deciding to buy one.


Small tools for tying


There are a lot of different models of this gadget. Most of the time, you can use them to replace your own thumb and fingers for pressing. They come in a variety of shapes, but all have the same purpose: to impart pressure to your body.


Crochet tools


It looks exactly like what the name suggests! They look like these S-shaped hooks. How do you use it? You only hold one end of the hook and push your hands forward. This causes the other back hook to put pressure on your back while you are standing up. If you’re massaging yourself, they’ll come in handy. You can use it to reach difficult places where your hands cannot.


Professional pressure tools


You’ll be able to witness how they’re used in massage parlors. They appear to be sophisticated and expensive just by looking at them. For example, a boy looks like a high-tech pencil. But actually, you should refrain from wearing them because you are not a professional masseuse or masseuse! They (masseurs) are graduates of professionally trained massage schools. Therefore, you could end up hurting yourself if you overuse these professional pressure tools. In short, stay away from them. Spa in Dubai Investment Park


Friction Gloves


These gloves can exfoliate your skin while also applying pressure and heat. It feels good to rub them on the skin. More Info