7 Top Features of Athenahealth EMR that set it apart

Athenahealth EMR


If you know even a little bit about EHR software, there is a high chance you might have heard the name Athenahealth. Athena electronic medical health records software was developed almost 23 years back to improve the financial and clinical efficiency of medical practices everywhere.

Many users loved this software but Athenahealth EMR was still focused on improving it and making it the best EHR software. In 2019, two well-experienced companies, Athenahealth, Inc, and Virence Health, came together to form a new AthenaHealth. AthenaHealth EMR is better than ever now. 

Athenahealth EMR offers some outstanding features which make this stand where it stands now. Although it offers a wide range of excellent EHR features, we are going to be talking about the top 7 Athenahealth EMR features. 

7 Top Features of Athenahealth EMR 

There are many features that Athenahealth EMR is known for but the top 7 features that it offers are as follows

  1. Documentation

  2. Reporting

  3. Patient Portal

  4. Electronic Prescriptions

  5. Integrated Billing Solution

  6. Scheduling

  7. Intuitive User interface


Documentation can be a very complex and time-consuming process, but it is also a very crucial task to perform. If done manually, documentation can have a lot of errors and the accuracy level may below. 

Athenahealth EMR performs this task so smoothly and perfectly. Athenahealth EMR processes all your paper documents and attaches them to the write EHR. This task on its own is very hectic and if being completely honest, a waste of time but it’s important. This is one of the topmost features of Athenahealth EMR.

With this feature the administrative load is reduced, there are no delays in work, and the process is much more accurate and fast. This helps in improving overall efficiency. 


One task that needs a lot of attention and needs to be performed with focus and accuracy is Reporting. Athenahealth EHR makes sure detailed, on-demand, real-time reports are created and formed for all its users. When this task is done automatically or electronically, the data is saved in one place and can later be accessed to check progress.

Accuracy is maintained and the number of errors is reduced to zero. Overall efficiency is improved with this feature

Patient Portal

Having a good and well-equipped Patient portal is necessary for every EHR software to have these days. With the Athenahealth EMR Patient portal, You can check all the data before your encounter which helps the doctor with the diagnosis and recommends a treatment for it. 

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Electronic Prescriptions

With the Athenahealth EMR e-prescription feature not only are you able to prescribe controlled substances electronically and make things easier for yourself, but you also make things easier for your patients since they do not have to come into your office to collect their prescriptions letter. This feature is also HIPAA compliant which makes it completely safe and secure.

Integrated Billing Solutions

Having a good billing tool is very important for every medical practice. This is where Athenahealth EMR comes in. Athenahealth EMR integrated billing solution takes care of all your billing tasks. If performs this task for you electronically which means higher accuracy level, better record management, and reduced administrative load. This feature helps in improving financial efficiency majorly. 



Athenahealth EHR understands the importance of having all the right tools for appointment scheduling. Scheduling not only includes appointment scheduling and cancellation but also offers appointment reminders and alerts. This way a whole system works in an organized manner with very few chances of disruptions.


Intuitive User Interface

Many users look for one feature in almost every EHR software and that is an intuitive user interface. The reason why this feature is so important because it speeds up the whole system by getting the work done faster as it understands what the user is looking for with its intuitive nature. It helps in improving clinical efficiency. 

If you want to test these features out, you can book an Athenahealth EMR demo on Software Finder.

Final Thoughts!

Athenahealth’s electronic medical records software is outstanding at what it does. Many medical specialists use Athenahealth to improve their overall workflow and streamline it. If you are looking for EHR software, Athenahealth EMR might be the one for you so make sure to check it out.