8 Everyday Ways To Flatten Your Abs

8 Everyday Ways To Flatten Your Abs

Here’s are the 8 Everyday Ways To flatten your Abs

A flatten your Abs not only looks good and does wonder for your confidence levels, but it is also healthy for you.

An expanding midriff can be the cause of a lot of health issues like backaches, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

We can make some very minor changes or habits in our daily lives that can help us to get flat abs.


Let us look at the 8 simplest everyday ways which can go a long way.

1. Strengthen your core ab muscles while you walk and go about your daily schedule.

The trick is to stand and walk as tall as possible.

You will notice that when you stand as tall as you can, which means getting rid of the slightest slouch, and your shoulders and neck straight, you automatically tend to pull in your stomach.

Breathe naturally and don’t hold your breath as you do this.

In the beginning, you will frequently let go but over time you will become comfortable and this will become a habit.

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This will not only improve your posture but will strengthen your ab muscles.

2. The same principle holds while you sit- whether you are driving, sitting in your office, or waiting at the dentist’s.

Do not slouch or lean back. Try and stay away from too comfy sofas and chairs where you just want to sink in.

Sit straight with tummy tucked in and shoulders and neck straight.

Imagine that the back of the chair has wet paint and you have to stay off it.

3. Take up any activity that you enjoy- tennis, swimming, cycling. Learning a dance form can do wonders.

Not only is it a great fitness workout which helps you to shed fat, but it is great fun, you make a lot of friends, and soon your dancing skills and flat abs will be the cause of envy in your social circle!

4. Research shows that those who get 7-8 hours’ sleep at night tend to be less hungry through the day and are more energetic- both of which help in keeping off fat.

5. Eat healthily and cut down on unhealthy foods like salts, sodas, fries, etc., and eat as fresh as possible.

Fresh fruits, and vegetables, lean meats are great for you.

Cut down on refined carbohydrates and go for whole grains.

A protein-rich diet is recommended for weight loss.

More proteins make you feel fuller throughout the day and curbs hunger pangs and snacking.

In addition to that proteins help keep your muscles in great shape while cutting out the fat.

Don’t go on crash diets- they are unhealthy for you and no doctor will approve.

Just remember that Junk food means a junk body and healthy food means a healthy body inside out.

When you eat healthily it shows in a more toned and fat-free body as well as better skin, hair, and nails.

6. Increase your fiber intake. Every 10gramsm of fiber intake means about 4% less belly fat.

7. Cut down on alcohol and keep your body hydrated by increasing your water intake to flush out the bloating.

8. Last but not least- calm down. Stress leads to increased cortisol, which is a hormone that can lead to belly fat.

Stress can also lead to unhealthy eating patterns like binging.

Do anything which helps soothe your mind-

listening to soft music, engaging in a hobby that you enjoy like painting, photography, or learning to meditate can help in decluttering the mind and reducing stress levels.