AdvancedMD EHR Cheatsheet for 2021

AdvancedMD EHR

It can be tough to get used to new software or to gather all the information you need about software in one place so you can make a decision about whether it is right for you. If you’re feeling that way about AdvancedMD EHR, here are some tips in the form of a quick cheat sheet so you know everything there is to know about AdvancedMD!

About AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a software provider that understands the needs of doctors running practices of different sizes. The solution offers technological support to independent practices with a robust suite that includes electronic health record management, patient engagement, and practice management.

Top-tier Features of AdvancedMD EHR Software

Here are some of the best features offered by AdvancedMD EHR.

Intuitive Dashboard

When you’re using AdvanecdMD EHR, one of the most notable features you get to access includes the dashboard where you can see all outstanding tasks, your schedule, and priority information.

When you’re accessing this dashboard, you get to enjoy a scheduling tool that lets you manage all of your tasks that need to be done in a timely manner. This is incredibly useful as you manage appointments and check the patients in or out when you’re done.

You can manage your everyday tasks using a feature known as donuts, which are a visual representation of the leftover tasks. They also allow you to complete the work faster and with the least amount of clicks. If you have anything urgent that needs your attention, it’ll be represented in a way that grabs your attention so you don’t miss anything critical.

While most of the screen will be dominated by the handling of tasks, you can also arrange the donuts so they are displayed as if they are incoming messages in your inbox.

Informative Charts

Doctors who have a deeper relationship with their patients have the capacity to develop better, more accurate, and more informative charts for them. The AdvancedMD EHR charting tool allows you to manage your patient relationships and charting at the same time.

Most EHR patient charts out there are simply a retelling of the classic paper charts, just online or digitized. While this offers some relief to businesses that are hoping to become a little more efficient, there is a lot more that can be done to make patient charts intuitive.

When you’re using AdvancedMD you get access to patient cards that are adapted to your workflow, so you know exactly what tasks you need to perform. In analyzing how doctors like you manage their clinical documentation, the software has actually optimized the charts so they work on any screen resolution, and any laptop or computer device.

The charts are responsive, so you get to consume exactly the charting content you need without getting lost in the details. Both horizontal and vertical representations of the cards are available. And everything is viewable on just one screen so that you have all the core information readily accessible whenever you are filling out or viewing patient charts.

Customizable Templates

Using the right forms and templates can make a big difference for your clinic when it comes to producitivity. AdvancedMD EHR features a library of comprehensively cerated templates. That can allow you to gather the right information for your practice. With the right tools on your side, you can direct your attention to the needs of your patients.

Using AdvancedMD’s templates, you also get to integrate the tools with some of the other features of the software. All of which come together so you and your patients have a better experience with every single visit. And so that you can record the most important details when it comes to the outcomes of each visit.

Mobile Apps

Medical healthcare providers often find themselves ‘stuck’. Not because of the work they do, or what it entails to be in this field. But because all of the information they need to run a clinic is concentrated in one place – their office.

With AdvancedMD EHR, you aren’t bound to the physical space in your office. Because everything you could ever need to take care of your patients. While you are away is available with the touch of a finger. The AdvancedMD mobile app includes all of the patient records, charts, and information you need. All through the security of a HIPAA compliant platform.

When you purchase the AdvancedMD electronic health records system. The mobile app is available for free, so you can constantly stay connected to your work. No matter where you are and what the time is.

Online Prescriptions

Having the ability to prescribe medications to your patients can be a major benefit to practices. Particularly when it comes to providing security. That ensures your patients’ health will never be at risk when you offer treatment options.

With AdvancedMD’s e-Prescription tool you can save on time. And make sure that your patients data remains safe, along with their health. For example, you can always assess for interactions between medications you are prescribing. And the medications they may already be taking, or check if they have any evidence of having allergies for the medication.

Aside from this, you also get to be involved in the process by having an option to see pricing transparency for your medications. This allows patients to adhere better to their treatment plans. Because they know exactly what the cost of a certain medication will be when they decide on a treatment plan with their doctor.

The prescription tools help you create a better patient experience. And engagement reputation with your patients, so you know you are offering them the best of modern medicine. Without sacrificing on the efficiency of your practice.

Final Verdict – AdvancedMD EHR

After a comprehensive examination of AdvancedMD EHR reviews, features, and pricing plans. We can safely say the software is a wonderful option for practices on the rise. AdvancedMD EHR has all the tools that you will ever need to set up a productive workflow, seamless record-keeping, and practice management.

The fact that there is ongoing training to help you acclimatize with the product only adds to our belief that this is a great recommendation for practices across the country.