AdvancedMD; Is It The Right Choice for 2021?

advancedmd ehr software

Why EHR Software are Now Important More Than Ever

If you run a medical practice and are currently wondering whether you should be investing in a good EHR software then the answer should only be yes. This is not only because most states in America have made it mandatory to employ one of these software in your practice but because of the ease and convenience they bring to your work!

In this piece, we will be talking in detail about AdvancedMD and how this software might make for the perfect choice for an EHR software this year. The software has a lot going on for it and in this piece we will dissect exactly what AdvancedMD EHR Software can provide to you and your medical practice. Keep reading to find out more.

AdvancedMD Amazing Features

Optimize your Schedule

The first feature in AdvancedMD we feel like we have to mention is the scheduling feature. This feature allows you to schedule as many appointments in a day as possible which leads to optimizing your work day. Having the time to fit more appointments during your regular workday means you are able to induct new patients into your practice which is always a positive thing! The schedule feature also sends appointment reminders to patients which helps reduce the number of no-shows you might have otherwise experienced! And in 2021, you need a software which will utilize every technology out there and appointment reminders are thus a must have for your practice!

Make Billing Simple

The billing feature in AdvancedMD helps you to make billing a lot more simpler. This feature lets you relax and handles most aspects of billing automatically. A lot of times physicians lament over the prospect of taking care of billing but with this software employed at your practice you do not have to worry about this. This is because the software automates several aspects of billing which means you are able to make billing in no time at all and that too with a reduced amount of errors which increases the likelihood of your bills being paid as well!

Patient Portal to Engage Patients

The patient portal feature in AdvancedMD is another great one. This feature helps you to reduce the amount of administrative duties you might have otherwise had on your shoulders. This is because the feature lets patients log on to their own portal and execute various functions and tasks. The software allows patients to schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming appointments and upload any documentation among other things. All of this means you do not have to manually do these tasks as patients take care of them themselves! And in 2021, this feature allows patients to virtually do all of this which is convenient for them as well and utilizes the latest trends and technology!

E-Prescription for Ease and Convenience

Another feature in AdvancedMD which is worth mentioning is the e-prescription feature. This feature allows you to make prescriptions virtually. This is another feature which in 2021 is necessary since everything is digitized and paper prescriptions are also on their way out. The software not only makes prescriptions convenient but also alerts you about any adverse drug interactions which might occur and you thus need to be careful of. Hence, the software makes everything easier for you.

Get Claims Approved Quickly

Much like billing, claims are also a big headache for a lot of practitioners but with the help of this software you are able to mitigate this issue as well. With the claims approval feature, you are able to digitize a large portion of claims filing as the software automates certain aspects of it. This means your claims have a smaller number of errors, if any. And because of the reduction in errors you are also able to reduce the chances of the claim being rejected! This feature also helps improve the cash flow in your practice which is very beneficial for you. All in all; this is incredibly positive.

About AdvancedMD Demo and Pricing

In terms of pricing, AdvancedMD isn’t too expensive but isn’t very cheap either. The software is a moderately priced one and costs around $400 per provider each month. This is the starting price for the software and it can increase depending on how many features you want in it! The software might seem like a steep cost at first glance but with time it tends to pay for itself with how it increases the number of patients at your practice and also improves cash flow for you with its features!

As for the demo, it is very easy to get a demo of the software. All you have to do is reach out to the vendor and request them to give you an AdvancedMD EHR demo. This will enable you to see the features in action rather than just reading about them. Seeing features work is much different from merely reading about them. Usually vendors oblige to demo requests for free so you should definitely opt for one if that is an option for you!

Should you Invest in AdvancedMD?

If you are wondering after all of this about whether we think the software then we cannot give you the answer. Only you can come to the conclusion about whether this software is right for you. However, we can guide you towards the right answer.

We recommend reading as many AdvancedMD EHR reviews as you can since this enables you to find out what issues the software has according to current users and give you a better idea about whether it would be worth it for you!

You should also as we recommended earlier, opt for a demo of the software. All in all, we are very sure that whatever decision you come to about the software, it will have been the right decision for you and your medical practice! You can also check Kareo EHR Software!