How Sunknowledge Can Help you Improve your Anesthesia Prior Authorization

anesthesia prior authorization

The anesthesia prior authorization is extremely dicey, unlike any other medical specialty. This is why experience authorization experts are needed for anesthesia prior authorization.

How Sunknowledge services Inc can a difference in your anesthesia prior authorization?

Understanding all the prior authorization intricacies and the best practices across the industry, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been delivering tailored customized authorization to many leading names in the industry for last year without losing any client till date.

offering a complete action plan for an seamless anesthesia prior authorization that will increase the authorization rate by 1 .5 -2x, our experts further ensuring 100% anesthesia prior authorization submission on the same day with 99% approval rate. Taking care of your complete authorization initiation to approval our complete authorization process involves:

  • Gathering of all the vital information that is needed for the prior authorization requirement from the patient, provider etc
  • Checking all the patient’s eligibility for the particular process/ treatment/ medication etc
  • Ensuring standard communication and validating the prior auth request with the payers
  • Initiate the prior Authorization requests as per the payer protocols when it is validated
  • Follow up with payer for checking the auth status
  • Follow up with ordering physician for the additional documents as requested by the payer whenever necessary
  • Provide the additional information as requested by the payer
  • Also, update the auth outcome in the billing system

In fact, mastering the art of prior authorization, we also help our clients with 80 percent of operational cost reduction and 99.9% accuracy rate in every process of billing and collection services; as it reduces your chances of a denial and the rate of errors as well.

In fact, we are the only authorization destination, with the highest productivity metrics and excellent industry references across the industry.

So if you are looking to enhance your anesthesia prior authorization process and looking to reduce your authorization burden, we are the ideal person to call.