Centricity EMR; Features, User Reviews and More

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About Centricity

GE Centricity EMR is a system made for handling the electronic health records of larger medical practices. It can be seamlessly interfaced with a revenue cycle management and practice management software to provide complete functionality over the administrative procedures. The EHR software has many comprehensive solutions for healthcare professionals and can help them improve their productivity. It is widely used by many clinics and hospitals all over the world.

Top Features in Centricity EHR

Make Clinical Documentation Easy

The medical records and related documentation is a major part of running a medical practice and requires due diligence for maintaining it. The documentation feature has been designed to make filling out charts and forms very easy. You can use the voice recognition and dictation feature to transcribe your notes into text form. This is great for doctors who are always busy and cannot find time to sit in front of a computer screen The Centricity EMR software includes this feature for helping physicians and clinical workers keep their files updated without the hassle. It more than makes up for the investment you will be making.

Use Centricity EMR on the Go

Nowadays everyone is looking for convenient solutions which is why medical software has also upgraded to include technology that reduces the amount of legwork required. Similarly, Centricity EMR comes with a mobile app which you can install on your smartphone and tablet. It lets users look up the patient’s charts, schedule appointments, review the diagnosis and other information. The mobile app is really easy to use and gives access to all the files and functions wherever you are. Many users list it as one of the best features in their Centricity EMR reviews.

Built in and Customizable Templates

Another great thing about Centricity EMR is that it has a lot of templates included in the standard software package. These are built-in to the system and can be customized according to the clinic’s needs. You can also choose between different forms and edit the fields to make them more relevant to your needs. Since a lot of information is on the charts and obtained through forms it is important they look their best. You can go through them and look at each one closely when you request the GE Centricity EMR demo.

Patient Portal Feature for Easing your Administrative Duties

Another feature that makes any EHR software worth the price is the patient portal. You will see it mentioned in many Centricity EMR reviews and the objective is to give the patients open access to the information they need. They can maintain communication with their doctors and also get their results online. It provides a seamless connection with security and privacy you need. Patients can also get more information about their diagnosis and read up on literature. They can also schedule an appointment and get reminders so they do not forget or are late. You can see how it looks and works in person too during the GE Centricity EMR demo.

Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

Centricity EMR is not only an electronic medical records system but it also has revenue cycle management capabilities. The purpose of this feature is to improve workflow and make it easier for the administrators to control the influx of cash. It analyzes all the costs, expenses and revenue made by the clinic and gives you advice on how to maximize growth. This is a great function for all small clinics as it can help you recover payments and also keep track of all the finances.

Should you Invest in Centricity EHR

It all comes down to this: should you or should you not buy Centricity EMR for your practice? The answer is not very straightforward and depends on the specifics of your clinic and how you run it. You should make a list of all the processes involved in the day to day operations and which features would be most useful to you. Once you have this list you can compare it with Centricity EMR. You should also carefully go through all the Centricity EMR reviews available online and see what practices like yours have to say about it.

Our final suggestion is to look at the software up close through a GE Centricity EMR demo you can request from your local vendor. This will help you see the interface and ease of access before making the final decision.

Top Features in Centricity EHR

Make Clinical Documentation Easy

The clinical documentation feature allows doctors and nurses to fill out forms in no time. It has a dictation and voice recognition feature that lets doctors transcribe their notes as they go. The convenience that comes with Centricity EMR makes inputting and updating patient charts very easy.

Use Cerner EHR on the Go

Ge Centricity EMR reviews talk about the ease of use that comes with the smartphone app. You can be logged into the system wherever you are. It also provides doctors access to a patient’s files so they can review their medical records and make a diagnosis much faster. The app gives users more control over the electronic files.

Built in and Customizable Templates

Centricity EMR comes with built-in templates with customization tools. You can choose the fields you want to add or remove according to your specialization. There are a lot of electronic forms available too and filling them out is much easier because they can be personalized.