Different Ways Cockroaches Are Bad For Your Health

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Are there lots of cockroaches roaming here and there in your house? Cockroaches are the most crafty and resilient insect species. They readily increase their breed and quickly spread many health issues. One of the most favorite places of cockroaches is the kitchen. Most of the roach species prefer to live where they can get enough starch and water. Here, I have discussed 7 health issues caused by roaches and how you can bring down all their infestation.

Inoculation of bacteria

While feeding, roaches spilled their own saliva and other digestive fluids. They transfer the germs and bacteria (resting in their guts) in your food and make it contaminated. A study shows that roaches have Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacterium in their guts that causes several digestive problems, spread urinary tract infection, and sepsis.

Cockroach bites are dangerous

Some dangerous species of roaches (such as German & oriental roaches) can also bite dangerously. These cases are rare, but if there is a heavy infestation in your house, then stay careful because these roach species love nibbling on human fingernails, toes, and the soft part of the skin like wounds.

Contaminate food

Roaches virtually by eating anything they get. Most of the roach species prefer to live in cold and wet places. The bathroom and kitchen are 2 most favorite places of roaches. They also feed on starch, fiber, dead plants, glue, soap, and even on paper. They mostly crawl in the night and contaminate your food by delivering bacteria through their feces and hairs.

Food poisoning

During an outbreak of epidemic food poisoning, researches had found that the case of food poisoning gradually decreases by eliminating the infestation of roaches from the house. Roaches have several bacterium salmonella in their blood that can cause food poisoning and severe typhoid.


Well, anything that contains germs is the worst enemy of asthmatic patients, and roaches are also on them. The incidents of asthma attacks increase gradually if your house is heavily infested with roaches. Cockroaches can cause many life-threatening and sever life-complicating problems. Cockroaches leave behind the long trail of germs. People can develop asthmatic problems by inhaling and eating their bacterium, respectively, through air and food.

Attack your body parts

Who said to you that cockroaches can only invade your house? No, they can also invade your body parts, and these are the very severe medical condition. There are many cases registered in the past about cockroaches entering the nose and ears. Small cockroaches are more resilient and fast than adult ones, and they can easily invade your body while you are in a deep sleep.


The saliva of roaches and their feces contain hundreds of life-threatening bacteria, and their secretion can cause an undesirable allergic reaction in your body and cause skin rashes, watery eyes, sneezing, and other several body issues.

Is your house a safe & secure place to live? Do you want to get rid of these nasty species? There are following tips that help you to keep your house cockroach-free

  • If you don’t want to see these cringe creatures in your house, then frequently clean your house. Make sure you have covered all your food, small pieces of food on the floor help roaches to spread their infestation quickly.
  • Do you know a pile of garbage is the best house for cockroaches? So, it is important to empty your kitchen dustbin regularly and keep it cover with a lid.
  • One of the easiest ways of killing roaches is to use a handy cockroach killing spray and the best cockroach gel bait product. Advion cockroach gel is the best pest control Dubai cockroach gel that contains a unique blend of high-consumption poison. Advion cockroach gel Souq contains 0.5% of Indoxacarb that not only attract cockroaches but also tempt them to eat the poison. Easyshopping is delivering cockroach killer gel at a discounted price all around the world.
  • Newspapers are one of the favorite edible items for roaches. So, don’t leave piles of old newspapers in your house.

Moreover, keep a close eye on the activities of roaches and block every possible entrance in your house through a cockroach that can break into your house.