Common Psychological Problems Your Loved Ones Could be Facing

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It’s very easy to tell someone to change their surroundings whenever they come up to you. Especially when it’s with the urge to disclose something that’s been bothering them. Either that or telling someone to have a change of perspective and look at things in a positive way are equally awkward things to say. The reason is that most of the time, we’re underestimating the symptoms and the manifesting problem. And whenever we say something of the sort, we’re being very unrealistic and ignorant.

Importance of Identifying the Cause

Psychological problems have been ridiculed, underestimated and downplayed more than enough. It’s high time we understand the significant impact it has on every individual’s health. 

Moreover, we need to understand that whether it’s nature or nurture, the problem is persisting everywhere. This means that the root cause can be lying in their environment or it can be hereditary. It can even be caused by a combination of both. However, in any case, identifying and accepting the problem at face value is essential. Because only then can we take the next step and consider a psychologist in Dubai.

For common knowledge, it’s best if you try to understand the following and identify people who could be displaying similar symptoms:


Perhaps the most downplayed phenomenon in history, depression is now used for any phase of sadness. Regardless of the severity, intensity, duration, persistence, effects, and causes, people name every sad time in their life as depression.

This causes the real problem to be misunderstood. These misconceptions overwhelm the awareness of problems such as dysthymia, which is a type of depression that persists for long durations. Similarly, there are many types of depression that we just don’t know about. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Major Depression

Major depression can persist for days on end and includes symptoms such as:

  •   The individual losing interest in activities of pleasure
  •   Gains or loses weight drastically
  •   Has trouble following a sleep schedule and falling to sleep
  •   Restlessness and agitation
  •   Slowness and feeling of being burdened
  •   Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
  •   Difficulty in making even simple decisions
  •   Suicidal thoughts

Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia)

This is a state of depression that is diagnosed when it has persisted over at least 2 years. Persistent Depressive Disorder, aka Dysthymia or chronic major depression, has the following symptoms:

  •   Eating either too little or too much
  •   Sleeping either too little or too much
  •   Feeling a consistent lack of energy with weariness
  •   Having confidence, self-image, self-esteem and other personality-related issues
  •   Feeling generally hopeless about everything

Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the name might have shown already, this is a disorder that mostly manifests in individuals in the winter months. Usually, patients don’t show symptoms in spring and summer. Psychologists are of the view that it could be related to the lesser exposure to sunlight, although different perspectives might argue.

Regardless, SAD is, unfortunately, a common psychological problem that can even occur in children. There are ways to get treatment started by visiting a children psychologist in Dubai.

Psychotic Depression

Psychotic depression shares all the symptoms of major depression along with some psychotic ones such as hallucinations. People with this problem can experience seeing things not visible to others, spectrums or visions, etc. Moreover, they can also seem delusional, such as believing something that is logically ludicrous.

The most intense symptom that can increase the severity and intensity of other symptoms and cause the biggest problem in treatment is paranoia. People experiencing intense paranoia can even have major difficulty in communicating with a psychologist.  

Postpartum Depression

This is the specific form of depression that mothers feel after giving birth. It can include symptoms like extreme guilt, episodes of sadness, panic and anxiety attacks, or even hatred towards the child.

Although it might seem weird to people who don’t know this, it’s actually true. A mother going through postpartum depression can feel agonized and antagonized by her child. The treatment has always helped patients get back to their normal self and overcome symptoms.  

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

A lot of women go through PMDD at the start of their period. In addition to mild to severe depression symptoms, there could be mood swings, anxiety, irritation, drowsiness or laziness, change of routines for appetite or sleep, etc.

As we can see from the information above, psychological problems can occur in everyone around us. Regardless of how we may see things, others might be having different or even distorted realities. Therefore, instead of assuming and judging things in ignorance, we must try to help. It’s vital that you visit the best psychologist in Dubai in clinics like Camali Clinic. Only with persistent treatment will the patient develop a healthy relationship with their doctor and have a chance at rehabilitation and recovery.