Dipak Nandi- How Outsourcing can Change your DME, CPAP, BIPAP and other Medical Billing Operation


Today outsourcing of medical billing like DME, CPAP, BIPAP, infusion billing etc has become one of the most discussed topics as people are no longer skeptical to see jobs go overseas. Furthermore, reports are shown where the global medical billing market has seen an expansion from 2015 to 2020. It is further expected that the outsourcing market of DME, CPAP, BIPAP etc market to grow at a CAGR of around 11 % from 2021 to the year 2026.

This is because helping healthcare practices, streamlining complex billing and collection process at a cost effective rate, outsourcing your medical billing further:

  • Enhance revenue generation,
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Minimize administrative workload
  • Help you focus on the core work of patient care and management.

In fact, maintaining HIPAA compliance and privacy regulation, outsourcing offers transparent operation for better management of all the billing, coding and collection operations.

Advantage of outsourcing your DME, CPAP and BIPAP billing operations:

Helping you with a quicker reimbursement rate, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to improve your skills in strengthening and growing the core processes that support your business. Mitigating all your billing and coding errors, it further saves your time and money on reworks.

In fact, the best part of outsourcing your DME, CPAP, BIPAP, urgent care, hospital emergency services and other medical billing specialties is you no longer have to worry about days that you missed out due to holidays, as outsourcing operational extension takes care of it all.

Managing your reimbursement and complexities of claims while adopting automated solutions for various operations and new billing software, the advantage of outsourcing is it eliminates the unnecessary cost of software fees, training sessions as well.

Helping your billing workflow and offering a seamless experience to patients, outsourcing today is the future for better billing management is in fact, one of the observations of Dr. Dipak Nandi, the M. D and a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards and a proud member of the prestigious AIIMS alumni and a board certified psychiatrist.