Leverage the Sunknowledge DME prior authorization advantage right away

DME Prior Authorization

Today simplifying the process of DME prior authorization is not the job of one person but a huge team with proper experience and authorization knowledge is required. This is where Sunknowledge services Inc fits in.

Being in the healthcare business for more than 10 years have made Sunknowledge services Inc the experts in RCM solution and resolving all complex prior authorization, claims and accounts receivable for all DME, HME, urgent care, CPAP, infusing billing services and 28 more specialties in lesser time than any other RCM organization. With a proven tailored customized solution, we today catering to the shortage of skilled authorization professionals purvey to all DME prior authorization requirements starting from:

  • Collecting all the essential information from the patient, provider as well as order information that is required in operating a seamless DME prior authorization
  • Check the patient’s qualification for the authorization process
  • Communicate and verify prior auth request with the payers
  • Start Prior Authorization requests as per the payer obligations
  • Follow up with payer for checking the auth status
  • Follow up with ordering physician for the extra records as requested by the payer
  • Provide the additional information as requested by the payer
  • Update the auth outcome in the billing system

Keeping up with increasing workloads of ensuring correct documentation for the authorization process and direct doctor office follow ups, our experts further maintain a 100 % authorization submission on the same day without letting productivity getting squeezed. In fact, our pool of experts further reducing your labor shortage problems in this competitive era helps in reducing an additional 80% of your operational cost.

Reducing the burden on the department, we take care of all your DME prior authorization initiation, approval as well as follow up with 99 % approval request. Helping your practice to spend more time on what matters more like patient care and engagement, we today offer 97 % highest collection rate.

So it’s time to end your DME prior authorization worries by getting in touch with us! For more information we welcome you over a no commitment call.