Sunknowledge Simplifying your Complex DME Prior Authorization

DME Prior Authorization

Last year itself CMS took an initiative in order to reduce the prior authorization burden as more and more burnout and frustration were been noticed in the healthcare domain mostly due to the prior authorization process. Improvement in the electronic exchange of the data among payers, providers and patients that would streamline processes related to prior authorization was initiated in order to reduce the burden on providers and patients.

though various steps and initiatives are taken to eliminating the challenges, the prior authorization process is still quite a challenging process for many healthcare practices.

Today the process of prior authorizations is undoubtedly one of the most complex, disorganized, and related to highly manual labor which requires a lot of attention and understanding. Simplifying the process of prior authorization is not just the responsibility of one person but it needs a great effort from the authorization experts too.

As the process involve a high level of seamless coordination between physicians, diagnostic providers, and payors.

In fact, being one of the most complex and time-consuming process, it is often seen that the physician and the authorization experts end up overwhelmed by their own internal work and administrative work and lack right or perfect cost efefctive resources to complete prior authorizations for ancillary or any other services etc.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: taking care of all your DME prior authorization responsibility: 

Working for more than 10 years in the industry and working with both payers and providers directly, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of the leading RCM solutions across the US; working with many leading names in the industry.

significantly reducing the time spent on per DME prior authorization, our experts with years of experience and knowledge ensures 99 % approval rate on authorization request. analyzing missing data and ensuring doctor’s office follow up, we diminish your chances of denial while maintaining a 99.9 percent accuracy level.

providers streamline workflows, our experts further ensure 100% prior authorization submission on the same day so that the patient can receive the required treatment and medication in time.

Increasing your authorization rate by 1.5 – 2x, our experts further aid our clients by reducing the unnecessary cost that they end up wasting by 80%.

Taking complete responsibility for authorization initiation, approval as well as follow-ups, we do offer our complete DME prior authorization service only at $7 per hour.