Frequently Asked Questions About Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR Demo

Do you have questions about Kareo? Whether you’re thinking about why you would need a Kareo EHR demo, or thinking about what real businesses have to say in Kareo EHR reviews, your most common questions about the software have all been answered below. 

About Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR is a record management software created by keeping in mind the needs of independent practices. Therefore, Kareo believes assisting doctors at that stage of patient interaction is crucial to allow them to receive the best kind of care possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kareo EHR

Let’s get to answering all of the burning questions you have about Kareo EHR. From Kareo EHR demos to reviews, we’ve got it all!

Why Should I Choose Kareo EHR?

As someone working in a small-scale clinic, it is more likely than not that you don’t have a robust administrative team to handle everyday issues.

This might mean your doctors are overworked, tired, and taking on responsibilities that just aren’t theirs. This is where Kareo steps in – it automates processes, making something as simple as a note efficient and easy. Here are some more top-tier features. 

  • Extensive dashboard, to manage and organize tasks and calendar items. 
  • Easy charting tools, so you can quickly document patient encounters with effective and useful notes. 
  • Online prescriptions, designed to help you cut on coordinating phone calls while giving you tools to create better prescriptions with the most updated information.
  • Convenient communication with patients, staff, and other providers using a secure messaging platform.
  • ICD-10 transition to ensure you and your doctors are compliant with the recent changes in regulations.
  • E-prescription discounts so you can provide patients with the best prices, and increase the chances that they will actually fill their prescriptions.
  • Customizable calendar so you can manage your schedule easily. 
  • Improve clinical productivity by enabling your entire workflow to be automated so you can manage patients, upload important documents, and more. 

How Is Kareo EHR Priced?

If you read through some earlier Kareo EHR reviews, you’ll see them mention that the software used to be available for free. While this is entirely true, the software was initially priced at free to allow practices to become familiar with the software through firsthand experience. 

As the software has grown, and become certified, it has developed into a suite of solutions, each of which offers numerous features that would be an asset to any clinical practice. The EHR is now part of the suite, and so it is priced for that reason. 

If you want a direct quote on how much the Kareo EHR will be for you. You can reach out to the team to be delivered a customized quote that includes all the integrations, modules, and features you need for your practice. 

What Do I Need to Use Kareo Clinical?

Setting up Kareo is easy, quick, and efficient. When you’re ready to start, you are assigned a person to help you. Through the entire setting up who is called the Success Coach. The Success Coach will be tasked with teaching you and your staff how to navigate the EHR.

The success coach is also responsible for the task of assisting as online prescription and lab interactions are set up. Training specialists can also be called in so you can have guidance when you are taking webinars. 

As you will see during your Kareo EHR demo, the software is cloud-based, meaning you only need a computer, a browser, and a connection to the Internet to set it up at your clinic. You may also need dictation software to enable voice recognition with Kareo.  

Is Data Secure in Kareo EHR?

It is natural for healthcare providers to worry about the security of their data. After all, you are tasked with responsibility for extremely personal medical information, which is protected by privacy laws and regulations. 

You can be sure your data is kept safe when you are using Kareo. The data is stored in an encrypted form, no matter where it goes in the servers. And is only communicated through channels that are compliant with HIPAA regulations. 

How Do I Get a Kareo EHR Demo?

Looking for a Kareo EHR demo? This is a virtual run-through of the software you can request in order to see how the product performs in-depth. You can also ask questions from experts who can tell you in detail about features, additions, integrations, and more. 

What do Kareo EHR Reviews Have to Say?

According to Kareo EHR reviews, some of the benefits of the product are that it is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and quick working. Many reviewers also mention that the billing modules are a useful addition to the suite. 

In terms of drawbacks, some mentioned that the price point was high for them, but worth the investment. Another piece of feedback offered was that reviewers wished they had the ability to customize the software more. 

Conclusion – The Benefit of Kareo EHR

Now that you know all about the Kareo EHR demo, reviews, and what people wonder about this software, you’re all set to get started on using your EHR solution.