Getting High – Hot Stone Therapy for Health

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Getting High – Hot Stone Therapy for Health

In the old days of the Soviet Union, citizens who suffered from minor health problems often related to weather conditions, such as a runny nose, headache, and sore throat, were often diagnosed with poor circulation. Sometimes the prescribed remedy was to have a family of live leeches stuck to your back, to draw blood to the surface and suck out impurities. Hot stone therapy was used at other periods as a treatment. Massage Center in Tecom

Many day spas offer hot stone therapy as a relaxing treatment

Like leeches, hot stone therapy existed to cleanse lymphatic circulation and help improve circulation throughout the body. The stones were often heated in a sauna and placed on (the victim’s) back in a fairly random fashion, sometimes leaving marks that took weeks to heal. In rare cases, the marks never went away at all.

Today, Western hot stone therapy has become a popular New Age type of massage with hot stones placed with the back chakra, or energy points. The idea is the same: improve circulation while promoting relaxation and recovering energy. Oftentimes, the recipient listens to New Age music or the sound of gently flowing water to make the experience even more surreal. Works? Probably not. Massage Center in Tecom

Why get high?

People get high because they want to flush out bad toxins, get their juices flowing, and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful treatment that will reduce inflammation and increase their energy levels. Other reasons people choose to enjoy hot stone treatment are because recipients a) are curious, b) need personal attention and relaxation, c) like to try new massages,


The therapist generally gently massages the client using the smooth stones themselves, often with traditional Swedish massage techniques. He may also place hot stones on specific parts of the body to provide additional relaxation, such as the palms of his hands.

Skeptics may laugh at this therapy, but believers point out that since various healers have used hot stones for centuries, they must be good. We know that heating pads can help relieve muscle tension and promote healing, so why not natural stones? Likewise, they argue, the use of cold stone therapy may be important in causing blood vessels to constrict, thereby increasing the lymphatic flow around the body of different types of waste. What if a packet of frozen peas served just as well and for a lot less?

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Hot stone therapy proponents claim that it can help with the following:

Back pain

Muscle aches, pains, and strains



Multiple sclerosis

Various complaints of arthritis

Depression or anxiety

Hot stone pedicure | Massage Center in Tecom

If you thought an unusual pedicure involved applying black or blue nail polish instead of bright red, think again. A hot stone pedicure using hot flat stones from wet river beds along with scented mints (no, seriously) to give your feet the massage they’ve always dreamed of. It could be a nice gift for the person who has everything, including smelly feet. Some experienced therapists invite their clients to take a scented “jelly bath” first to relax their feet (and possibly get rid of unpleasant odors).

Stone Therapy | Massage Center in Tecom

Oddly enough, this therapy uses a special combination of stones of different temperatures to achieve a relaxing effect on the body. Use 18 frozen stones, 54 hot stones, and one room temperature stone. Why? Who knows!

Mary Nelson a long, long time ago, in 1993. who started talking to her and telling her all about how to fuck hard. She has developed a technique that begins with a Swedish massage and ends with hot and cold stones, and a room temperature stone, remember, placed all over the back and palms of the hands.

Interestingly, only certified Stone Therapy therapists are qualified to perform this specific type of massage, presumably those who pay the aforementioned Ms. Nelson for the training leading to certification. More interestingly, these graduate therapists never refer to the stones they use as “stones.” Oh no.

A cautionary tale

Note that not only do the stones need to be properly cleaned between each treatment (see above), but the therapist administering the treatment needs to have the proper training. This is not only so that you receive maximum benefits, but also so that you do not run out. Massage in Tecom

“Basically, we’ve had a disproportionate number of requests for hot stone massages,” writes Kate Armitage, executive director and vice president of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, in an article published in the April / May 2007 issue of Massage & Bodywork. “All of these allegations were burns, some worse than others, but some were third-degree burns.”

So if you want to try and get high, be sure to see only a qualified therapist at a licensed medical spa with a bubbly reputation. And while there are literally hundreds of companies on the internet that sell massage stones, don’t try this at home, unless you feel like having permanent scars on your back, hands, or face.