Guide On How To Make Bubble Hash From Kief

how to make bubble hash from kief

Bubble hash is one of the most popular types of Hash and derived its name for the way it forms bubbles when smoking. It’s a darker, powdery cannabis concentrate, made through heating and pressing kief in a hard block. Before we show you how to make bubble hash from kief in a step-by-step process, let’s first understand these terminologies. 

What are Kief and Hash?

Hash and kief are types of marijuana concentrate that have been there for a long time. However, these two are more popular and common with patients who take medical marijuana. And what drives them to be people’s favorite is because they can smoke this like the regular flower.


Kief: it’s a pure and light powder known as ‘Dust’ as it resembles granular sand. This cannabis crystal, as known by many, is one of the easiest concentrates to make. Some of the tools used to make this include a weed grinder, bubble machine, and mesh screens. Then the process starts by separating trichomes from the whole plant. 

Hash: is another powerful cannabis extract, easily processed through compressing and processing cannabis plant trichomes. It has been highly used by Arabs and Asians, especially Indians and Pakistan, for centuries. 

Hashish got to the West in the 19th century, when big giants like Alexandre Dumas, Charles Baudelaire started using it in a pipe in the Parisian nightclubs. Other ways to consume Hash is through smoking a joint, vaporizer, and bong. Other options include consuming it through oral ingestion. 


The process of making bubble hash 

We’ll start with the equipment needed as we learn how to make bubble Hash from kief, which is an easy procedure. What you need:


  • A washing machine or Bubbleator and a zipper bag
  • Finest mesh bags about 2 or 3 preferably with 45 microns or more. 
  • Ice
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Thermometer
  • Cannabis
  • Pollen press

Step by step process

When you follow the below simple procedure, you will know how to make a bubble Hash from kief.

  1. Take the cannabis and put it into a zipper bag.
  2. Tightly close the zipper bag.
  3. Place the bag inside the Bubbleator. 
  4. Put water in the Bubbleator half full.
  5. Then add ice until the water goes ¾ full.
  6. Ensure the temperature reaches above freezing point. 
  7. Then close the lid and set 15 minutes to run the machine.
  8. Take your 5-gallon bucket and cover it with the finer mesh bag, and place the larger mesh on the top of it.
  9. Now place the gallon bucket underneath the drainage of the Bubbleator’s tube.
  10. Next, you’ll open the drainage tube as you pour water into the bucket, which goes through the bags.
  11. Squeezing the bag accelerates the filtering process. And as the larger mesh bag filters the larger debris, the smaller one collects the kief. And you’ll dry the kief for 24 hours, which can be ready by then. But since you’re making a bubble hash, it needs pressing first. And that’s how to make bubble Hash from kief. 
  12. Your result should be dry kief, after drying it for 24hrs. Now put it into the pollen press, and open it to add one of the plugs. 
  13. Place a cap on the plug without screwing it all the way.
  14. First, gush the kief into the top chamber, and then using the other plug, press the kief into the chamber. 
  15. Put the two end caps and turn them while applying pressure to tighten.
  16. Now leave your pollen for 6 to 8 hours in a warm place. Avoid the hot area as it can degrade the cannabinoids. Keep checking after a few hours, so you tighten the end caps. 
  17. And to cool off the substance, you’ll put the pollen press in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It will also enable an easy release of Hash from the chamber.


Voila! That’s how to make bubble Hash from kief. Now you can relish a flavorful, full-spectrum concentrate. Either by vaporizing, smoking with herbs, mixing with other edibles, or any other preference you wish.

Can anyone make a bubble hash from kief?

 Most states like California and Massachusetts have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. But it’s still illegal in many other states if you’re caught with marijuana.

How to use kief

Since kief is such a fine powder, it’s best when sprinkled on bongs, joints pipes, or smoked in bowls. And then spark it up. It doesn’t burn like usual cannabis due to its nature. If you try to roll a joint that has nothing else apart from kief, it might be challenging when it comes to rolling. It also burns extremely fast.

Remember, a small amount of kief can go a long way since it’s concentrated marijuana. So, pack it accordingly.

When it comes to Hash, the same thing happens in burning pretty fast. It’s great when you combine it with the conventional weed, unlike rolling it alone. If smoking kief and Hash is not for you, other options include making cannabutter or other edible marijuana. 

In Conclusion, if you follow the step-by-step above, you’ll learn how to make bubble Hash from kief. It’s that simple, and anyone can make it. But don’t forget, you have to be in one of marijuana-legalized states. Otherwise, if caught using, producing, or possessing it in an un-legalized state, you’ll face the law.