What are the Critical Factors for A Successful Hair Transplant?

hair transplant-What are the Critical Factors for A Successful Hair Transplant?

Patients usually ask about the progress rate of hair transplants. This is an essential issue because this method is a vital emotional and fiscal investment. Suppose you pick to get relieved of alopecia and are viewing a hair transplant. Be sure to get the right and expert center, as well as a qualified doctor that you can depend on.

The benefit of hair transplantation is often found in the patient’s hair after the transplant has fully developed. At BHHR Clinic, our surgeons’ main aim is to fit patient desires. Most of our patients notify us that hair has entirely grown after their transplantation. And no one has seen their hair transplants. Linked with 100% successful hair transplantation, our doctors give tailored effects for age, wants, and ethnicity. Our patients get a very natural hairline with a thick cover and full coverage of bald regions.

What are the Primary aspects of Hair Transplantation?

  • Picking a good doctor: There is no doubt that the first point to pay notice to in any medical method is a doctor who can perform. In a hair transplant, the doctor’s expertise performs a vital role in regulating a wide array of causes better and analyzing the result by raising the number of methods done and the number of patients to be done. Develop work experience. 
  • Picking the correct procedure: Picking the proper hair transplant method fit for the patient is the key to its prosperity and is given out in discussion with an experienced professional. However, it is known that processes such as FUE and FUT are fit for most people. 
  • Correct analysis and planning: The most crucial thing is to diagnose the root of hair loss. This way, the plan is done right. It is vital to foretell future hair loss and should cover all areas that want to be grafted. The hairline is also shaped precisely according to look, but future looks are taken into account. Plumb lines in the hair are evaded as they give it an unreal look.
  • Remove the graft without breaking it: When a graft, whether FUE or FUT, is extracted, the proper care must be taken to keep its probity. This is done so as not to break the graft. Proper graft position is also needed for each follicular unit.
  • Placing the Grafts: The outcome is defined by graft position. Remember that everyone’s hair growth model is different, so proper outlining will ensure the best hair transplant effects. The main points to see out for are The way of hair follicles.
  • Planning method
  • The angle of the hair follicle 
  • Hair follicle orientation
  • Follow the doctor’s directions after surgery:  After the hair transplant is finished, the doctor will direct some medicine for the patient and give him some strict rules to follow in the first week of the method, the most crucial phase. At this stage, a person should pay for his fitness, be patient, and avoid smoking and other adverse facts for at least five days. 


At BHHR clinic, we emphasize our patients because we treat every patient as different, needing total care and care. So, if you are still feeling doubtful and wonder about picking the right place for a hair transplant, we encourage you to contact usSee for the methods we give through our website.