Why having Professionals Working for your HME Billing can be Profitable?


With extensive knowledge and specialized skill pertaining to all billing and collection activities including proper claim reimbursements which most of the healthcare practices tend to struggle with, HME billing professionals lead to a profitable condition for healthcare practices.

Providing you with a complete assistance for all HME billing concerns in the best possible way, these professionals further enhance your billing profits and revenues. Helping you in focusing on core competency and less managerial/administrative workload to worry about they keeping confidential the accessibility to the patient records.

Sunknowledge Services Inc a leading HME billing professional RCM solution:

In fact, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of the leading professional RCM solutions with a complete transparent revenue cycle that assist you in reducing your AR days while analyzing denials and working on them.

With complete experience in process of the claims management, coding for your HME billing, Sunknowledge Services have a track record of 80% operational cost reduction and maximizing the faster reimbursement for more than 28 specialties.

In fact, our experts make sure that the practice receives its payments for the services provided by taking care of patient inquiry and billing process, charge entries, submission of Insurance bills and claims, continuous follow-up if any rejections or any kind of denials etc.

With an experienced pool of experts and well structured billing process under the supervision of experts, we further ensure strict checks in maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate so that you can focus more on your core competency that is patient care management while we work on reducing the stress at your work.

Moreover, our proficiency in different billing software like Brightree, DME works, Kareo and many more also help you get a higher return. Following a persistent approach for collections from insurance carriers, one of the major benefits of choosing Sunknowledge Services professional HME billing solutions is cost reduction.

Providing you with customized reporting of the billing process so as to have records and transparency within the system, we further have the highest productivity metrics in the industry.

In fact, with an experienced team working for years with many leading names in the industry has further made Sunknowledge Services Inc an expert with an understanding of the changing billing regulations and industry mandates; which reduces your chance of HME billing and coding errors.

So, excluding from all the billing headache at only $7 per hour, working with professionals like Sunknowledge Services Inc is definitely a profitable deal, which can be further seal with 100s of excellent industry references as well.