Eliminate your Chances of Improving HME Billing Collections


Almost everyday suppliers of home medical equipment devices are facing challenges to manage their inventory. Nearly all of the problems usually start at the front door that denies payments for most.

The biggest worry at present is to deliver assistance to patients as well as secure payments in the long run. Making sure that your payments do not flow away, finding a solution at the front desk is the biggest asset at hand.

However, with the present-day demands of healthcare, you must have simple solutions that streamline your processes and improve profitability in the long run. At the moment, a lot of providers need someone that can assist with streamlined revenue cycle management support.

You must choose someone to eliminate financial, administrative, and clinical complexities as well as increase profits. The biggest worry right now is not finding someone that can help in eliminating all process loopholes right at the beginning.

Sunknowledge sets the right standards

At the onset, all you need is someone that can deliver unparalleled support right at the front and the back end. Reducing your overall operational expenses is a top priority for a lot of suppliers today. If you need someone that can offer you synchronized support, finding a definitive partner for all your HME billing collections will be an ultimate requirement for many. That’s where we step in! Over the last decade, Sunknowledge handles it all as a perfect RCM destination.

We do it all right from order entry, confirmation, doctor’s office follow up and prior authorization and eligibility verification. It makes us a desirable vendor to many as no one can offer such superior support all under one roof. Speak to our team and come to know how much versatility we bring, our experience in working with all practice management software used in the HME billing and DME billing space.

We promise to reduce your operational costs by 70%, deliver comprehensive support at next door rates. Drive your ROI with us working as a perfect HME billing destination for you at 2% including all services.